Propeller Ads Media Review

We have reviewed Propeller Ads Media network. Check Propeller Ads media review, payment proof & other details.

Any publisher or advertisers will read reviews of network before joining it. If you are willing to join Propeller Ads Media network, then we recommend you to read the reviews available on the web.Propeller Ads Media ReviewPropeller Ads Media Review

Propeller Ads Media Review

Propeller Ads Media as claims by them is the fastest advertising company and many consider it as possible 2014 AdSense Alternatives. They are in operation since June 2012 and we happen to find this network, got reviewed up for you. I am sure you will be happy by completely reading what I have said below.

Propeller Review : Dashboard | Our Story | Payment | Referral Program | Payment Proofs | Conclusion

Propeller Ads as claimed is one of the best network but by usage we learn that it require more than that. They accepts advertisers with campaigns based CPA and CPL conversions and for publishers they say payout 200% higher and 100 % monetization for all visitors. From publishers point of view, they support pre-rolls, post-roll, pop-ups, pop-unders and overlay ads.

Reporting Interface

We were unsatisfied with the reporting interface that shows up for publishers. Login to your publisher account and click on Revenue to show all reports. The open filters does show up the whatever stats that you try.

You can also export reports to XLS file and save them on your desktop or even share with others collaborators.

Payment Terms

They pay publishers via Wire Transfer and Payoneer with minimum payout set at $ 100 for Payoneer and $ 500 for Wire transfer. Payment is based on NET 30 means you will be paid after 30 days of reaching the minimum payout. Payoneer is the yet another payment processor and works just like PayPal allowing you to withdraw money to bank. Until July 2014, PayPal was supported but they have stopped paying via PayPal and we confirmed Propeller team.[Updated 15 August 2014]

Referral Program

They claim to have referral program paying you 5% referral commission and if you want to thank me for right information then please join using my referral link. I have few referral right now but certainly I see it’s growing, thanks to people like you. [Drop a comment below if you join and would like to assist you in making income better with Propeller Media]

My Story From Scratch

I came across Propeller Media through Google Ads on some website while browsing through the web. I quickly opened the site, went ahead and joined the network as publisher. As soon as I did that, under control panel I couldn’t find any options where I can generate ads codes for integration. I took their email support and talked with Jenny Stark via email, other support option includes Skype. She asked me number of impressions that I generate per day, I emailed here and in reply I got 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 300 x 250, 468 x 60, 728 x 90 iframe ad codes. I asked Jenny to send us Java Script codes, she did that as I knew that Google partially supports frames and iframes.

Once I integrated ads on my blog at Technos Amigos, I forgot it for two days. Then I was surprised to see the following stats after 2 days completion.

Even though I have generated more than 2500+ impressions per day with average 2 clicks per day I was able to see no earning for three days I have used the network. Still I continued a day with them so as I can review it for you and contacted Jenny Stark via eMail about ZERO earning. This is what reply I got from them –

She insisted me to use pop under and claimed I have very less traffic with no conversions at all. And after that I am here for the review. This was enough for me to judge the network even though I didn’t meet their minimum payout or even using network for 30 days. Story doesn’t end there as I had second trial of review.

Second Trial of Review: I recently (This para added on February 5, 2014) tried their Pop-up and Pop-under ad network on one of my other blog. Although I hate pop-ups and pop-unders, I had to try it out but after my trials, results were outstanding. The  following the filtered earning via pop-ups and pop-under(onclick ads) where in CPM rates is very high –

The new control panel launched in May 2014 is very simplified and provides accurate information. It does have the following tabs –

  • Dashboard – Providing quick details on daily earning, month’s and month’s forecast
  • Revenue – Detailed reporting as per your requirement
  • Sites – This is the panel where you get ads codes, ad new sites and get channel reports.
  • Payments – Give you details on payment processed and your month’s total earning
  • Referral Program – We complained about referral report not showing up in the old dashboard and in the new dashboard you get detailed report on your referrals.
  • News – News of what’s happening at Propeller Ads Media
  • FAQs – A detailed documentations and commonly asked FAQs to get answers for your common queries.
  • Support – If any of the answer remains unresolved, support via Ticket system is always available. Many times we got response from the Propeller team within few hours.

Our Experience

More than people who recommend at forums, stats speaks loud enough. From the above statistics, it clear that they pay nothing for using banner. Even though they mention $0.20 CPM rate, they lack behind all other low paying CPM networks as well. A pure CPM network is purely based on impressions and it shouldn’t be based on Clicks, Conversions, CPM rate. Working with Propeller Ads we understood that it needs Conversions, but we ask – did any CPM network requires Conversions? If you want to use it as CPC site then go ahead, you may find some success but usage of it as CPM, we recommend to avoid them. We can’t predict whether its scam or not.

With Propeller Ads Popup & Popunder fetches greater revenue.

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Payment Proofs

We got paid by them several times and we are happy working with them although payment got delayed (sometimes NET 50 or sometime NET 60).So those were some old screenshots, here are the latest screenshots to give you some inspiration –

Propeller Ads Media Review : Conclusion

It won’t be bad to say that, it’s the possible Google Adsense replacement and we found that it performs well if pop-unders are enabled. Expect a big earning if Pop-under and pop-ups is your requirements.

You can show up your experience with Propeller Ads by adding a comment below or even get help, recommendations on what ad network to choose for best earning. Also read our sister site Ads Advices for dedicated ad network reviews, payment proofs and other details.

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