Best Mac OS Image Editing Apps

Best Mac OS Image Editing AppsBest Mac OS Image Editing Apps

You might have used Adobe or any other photo editing software on your personal system but none of them can really rival the excellence and flexibility of Pixelmator which offers exceptional interface and photo editing features at very reasonable price.

Mac OS Image Editing Apps

Many of us have become frustrated with the payable versions of such software but what makes this app financially comfortable is the price of $30 for Mac OS X users. Just think of an image and you will get it soon with Pixelmator software which has got amazing filters and a wide variety of color and editing tools.

Amazing features of Pixelmator

  • Image stabilization and alteration can be easily achieved with strong filters of Pixelmator.
  • This software includes plenty of image adjustment tools, painting tools, brushes and workflow layers to achieve utmost flexible while editing any kind of photo.
  • The user can easily export or import reputed formats of images through Pixelmator.
  • App Napp, multiple displays and tags are also available for OS X Maverick support.
  • Effective and very much useful retouching tools in order to alleviate image spots and blemishes are also available with this photo editing software.
  • Automatic syncing can be achieved by directly saving your edited images into iCloud so that you can retrieve your image any time and from any Mac.
  • Social media sharing and image uploading features will be also provided to you.
  • Retro looks, changes in color and image enhancements features can be done with effective filters offered by Pixelmator.
  • Images can be saved and edited in nearly all popular image formats such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and PSD.
  • When it comes to advanced and technically enhanced photo editing tools, Pixelmator will equip the user with text tool options, vector shapes, Healing tool, more than 160 innovative filter effects and 16-bit support for the color adjustment purpose.
  • In addition, this software also offers lock layers which allow the user to save editing changes and continuing the actions at a later stage.

Which software is a competitor to Pixelmator?

Of course, there is tons of photo software which help a person to successfully edit software but if you are really trying to go for a paid or free version, you can achieve personal satisfaction with the following photo editing apps for Mac.

  • GIMP – Purely imitating the emulator and interface of Photoshop, you can really pay attention to GIMPshop which offers the same features. Also, GIMP is quite capable of doing the same task which is obviously done by popular Adobe but what differs here is the cost because it is completely free.
  • Adobe Photoshop – You are required to pay $19 per month you want to become a member of elite club of photo editors. After paying this amount, you will get the costly access to editing software tools which is no doubt, the leader in this field.
  • Pixen – This software is very much specialized software for low pixel image where many other software fails to deliver satisfactory services.
  • LiveQuartz – With a nominal charge of $2 every month, it offers you basic filters, brushes and excellent layer support.
  • Seashore – You can use it with Mac OS X which is free to download and install, however; it is somewhat based on GIMP’s editing technology and provides you with basic photo editing tools & features.

So, those were some of the top Mac OS Image Editing Apps.

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