Best iPhone Encyclopedia Apps – Top iPad Encyclopedia Apps

Best iPhone Encyclopedia AppsBest iPhone Encyclopedia Apps

Check out the Best iPhone Encyclopedia Apps – Top iPad Encyclopedia Apps.

It was once about visiting the nearest located library in the city which completely resembled the essence of the encyclopedia, however; the advent and revolution in the form of storage, internet connectivity, and the computer have brought a lot of changes along with some positive implications.

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Best iPhone Encyclopedia Apps [iPad]

In the present times, if you have got an iPhone then you will get aware of the importance of internet solutions and visiting encyclopedia within a few seconds.

You are simply a single click away from the Wikipedia and you will find amazing encyclopedia apps to be used anywhere in the world for gathering information and data on all topics.

Encyclopedia App

– It is often considered the best and most comprehensive apps for iOS platform if you are interested in downloading encyclopedia. This app is not free but a paid version for which you need to cough up $8.99 however; it will focus on providing you complete information even in offline mode. After installation of this app, you can access the required information on your iPhone anytime and anywhere because everything is downloaded here for you!

Download Encyclopedia iOS App

Minipedia – Offline Wiki

– You might find Wikipedia as the best form and interface of encyclopedia which is now available for the user. It will cost nothing to you but it offers you tremendous information about any topic because it works offline too. This app has got the best user interface and is equipped with better search options and readability solutions.

Download Minipedia App

Wiki Tap

– This app has earned a lot of popularity and greater consumer base because of simplicity, extreme ease of use and a lot better interface. It will come with several useful and easy tabs that can be customized as per your needs. Moreover, it copies essential information from the Wikipedia and offers you the content in the most appropriate way. Wiki Tap will certainly satisfy you with purposeful presentation of contents and information unlike other apps sourced by Wikipedia.

Download WikiTap App

Wikipanion Plus

With subtle configurations and easy search options, it is one of the coolest and highly recommended apps for you if would like to search your topics even on Google. Yes, this app has got the capability of searching contents on Google apart from the Wikipedia. You will also find here several other features such as bookmarks, dictionary, options to save favorite images, iCloud Sync and history. It should be noted here that this app cannot be used in offline mode however; it is completely free.

Download Wikipanion App

Com Encyclopedia

– Although this app is free for you but it is considered best suited for the IT professionals because this app will provide comprehensive and authentic information about computers, tools, products and other related aspects. As the name indicates, it will supply you with information which acts as colossal collection on which can be easily considered as the best reference of reviews and product description on an authentic website for which you aren’t required to pay a single penny.

Global Top 50 Encyclopedia Websites

– A fine collection of 50 different encyclopedia websites, this app gives you the most relevant and consolidated information which is collected from all the websites. This app will cost you $2.99 for offering relevant information and algorithm however; interface does not seem to be impressive.

Download Global Top 50 Encylopedia

You can also try out PC Mag app as well.

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