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Best iPhone BrowserBest iPhone Browser

Check out 10 Best iPhone browser apps rich in feature and serving as Best Safari alternatives.

We all know that iPhone comes with Safari Web browser pre-installed but with iTunes, you can also download other iPhone browsers which offers great features. To make things easier, we have listed here best iPhone browser apps providing insight on which browser offers what features.

Best iPhone Browser

Listed here are the 10 best iPhone browser app of 2018, nothing less than best Safari Alternatives –

iPhone web Browser: Google Chrome | Perfect Browser | Atomic Browser | 360 Browser | Opera Mini

Chrome for iPhone

Most of the people would be surprised to know that Google also has offered Chrome as a browser for iPhone users, who are addicted to none other than Safari. Yes, this might seem to be a pleasant surprise note which provides you great interface and tons of interesting features. If you are using this very browser on the desktop, you must have been aware of various kindly features of Chrome such as tabs, bookmarks and easy navigation which are made available to you in smartphone versions for iPhone. User is not required to pay any cost as it is completely free for iPhone owners.

Great features of iPhone Chrome –

  • People would like to search for various things on the internet with an unlimited number of tabs in Chrome. Just swap here and there to get to the next tab like playing cards.
  • Faster and instant search like desktop versions will make your job easier while typing the URLs in the address bar.
  • What it can do at the best is saving your surfing sessions which clearly assists you in accessing favorite web addresses on your mobile & desktop.
  • Google Chrome has offered full authenticity and versatility in the mobile versions because it allows the valued users to sync it with other browsers so that you can easily import bookmarks, passwords and other important data anytime and from anywhere.
  • Private browsing option is also offered in Chrome on iPhone which will enable you to run your internet in incognito mode, without leaving any history or cookies in the browser section.

Download Google Chrome browser for iPhone

Perfect Browser for iPhone

Though it serves best to iPad but you can certainly try it on your iPhone because of its additional screen real estate. With interface and features similar to the Atomic, it will cost you $1 for iPhone and $5 for iPad.

Perfect Browser features –

  • New iOS 7 tab design
  • Find in-page under Settings
  • AirPrint supported
  • Block Images options
  • Web Compressions option
  • Screen dimmer under Settings
  • Auto fill
  • Private browsing supported
  • Access to files and browsing sessions can be password locked
  • Presentation Mode for TV Out
  • Full Screen TV Video Out
  • Save files to Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Also include Download Manager

 Download Perfect Browser for iPhone

Atomic Browser for iPhone

This is a pretty cool and exquisite mobile browser which provides iPhone user with everything which is required in mobile browser versions. If you hate keeping older craps such as history and cookies, you can simply delete them or the browser will accomplish this task automatically. Apart from it, you will be interested to enjoy various features of Atomic browser such as full-screen mode, saving web pages, ad blocker and executing zip archives for paying just $1.99.

Atomic browser features –

  • Supports full-screen mode
  • Allows multiple downloads
  • Pause and Suspend file downloads
  • Dropbox integration for file transfer
  • Unlimited tabs are supported
  • Supports Ad-blocking
  • Video to display web page on TV or projector
  • 8 multi-touch gesture support
  • Autofill
  • Saves pages with images for offline browsing
  • Import/Export bookmarks to/from desktop browser
  • View Source option to help web developers

Download Atomic Web Browser today

360 Browser for iPhone

Pay $1 for the full version of 360 and you will be taken into the world of Flash support, navigation supports and very friendly interface. You can further sync your account with Firefox to import everything.

360 browser for iPhone features –

  • Intelligent tabbing system with privacy mode
  • Offline mode to save bandwidth on roaming
  • Address bar commands
  • Remembers passwords and logins
  • Can be easily synced to Firefox
  • Include Download manager
  • Upload your files to Dropbox
  • Add plug-in support
  • Magic bar feature
  • Drag Gesture feature

Download 360 Browser for iPhone today

Other iPhone web browsers which you should consider are –

So those were some of the best iPhone browsers.

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