6 Best Android Alternatives 2024 – For Droid Haters

Best Android alternatives 2019Best Android alternatives 2019

Android is perhaps the most popular operating systems after Windows available for computing systems. As a matter of fact, both Android and iOS constitutes the operating systems of more than 95% of smartphones. Today’s mobile market is largely shared by Android operating system. However, there are many shortcomings especially with regard to the security due to which many users avoid Android.

Best Android Alternatives

For those who hate android, there are many other operating systems to choose from. Below mentioned are few of the top Android Alternatives


iOS is the best alternative to Android. For those don’t like Android phone, the best option for them is the Apple iPhone. Most of the apps which are released globally are made compatible with either Android or iOS users. Apple releases new versions of iOS every year and with each and every release, the company introduces some new features. iOS operating system is a proprietary of Apple and it is found only in Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

According to reports, there are over 400 million devices activated which have iOS installed. iOS offers unique features which are not found in any other mobile operating systems. With the introduction of iOS7, Apple has provided an enhanced multitasking feature enabling all the apps to perform background updates. iOS operating system is considered to be the most expensive OS in the smartphone market.

Windows Phone OS

Windows is undoubtedly the market leader in providing operating systems for Desktop and laptops. Microsoft designed the Windows operating system is the third most popular OS for the smartphones and also to compete with Google’s mobile OS but it remained as a fail ‘best Android alternative‘. Windows Operating phones have all the enhanced features as available in Android and iOS with users getting Microsoft operated office suite and internet explorer preinstalled in the phones.

This helps in synchronizing with the desktop data. Apart from promoting the MS Office suite and 1E, Windows also gives extensive support for its products like the Bing search engine, Bing Maps and Skype. Windows Phone is also famous for their multitasking operations.

Update: Microsoft has called an end to Windows phone development after Nokia moved to Android.

Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu is one of the popular operating systems for smart phones. The best
part about Ubuntu is the multi-touch gestures which it uses in the devices
equipped with Ubuntu. The user-friendly touch screen of this operating system enables the users to do multitasking without returning to home screen.

Swiping left lists the apps while swiping right opens the previously used app. Swiping down brings the in-app navigation controls, while a gesture towards up opens the phone’s status icons.

FireFox OS

FireFox OS is HTML5 mobile operating system which is mainly like Google browser based desktop. Mozilla built FireFox operating system on HTML 5 and hence, the apps in the operating system are available as Web apps which hardly occupies any space in the phone’s hardware.

This is perhaps the reason, the company claims that the operating system is best suited for small phones which has performance issues.

Update: Firefox OS development has stopped and it’s the end for them.

Tizen OS

Tizen can be a good alternative to Android in markets where Google services are largely blocked like China. Tizen has a similar interface than that of Google’s Android platform; however, Tizen has been designed to support non-Google services.

The popularity of this OS in China has made smartphone manufacturers to redesign their products to incorporate Tizen OS. The decision to invest in Tizen has been taken after Samsung sought willingness to reduce its dependence in Android.

Jolla Sailfish OS

Jolla Sailfish is like the rebirth of MeeGo which was a Linux based operating system developed by a group of ex Nokia employees. It is a product of Finland and is still in the development stage. This operating system is supposed to provide a clean interface and emphasize gestures for conducting multitasking.

The operating system can be handy for those who are looking for alternatives for Android and iOS.

So what’s our next go with upcoming mobile OS?

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