How to Download Skype for Linux & Install it – Skype WiFi Rates

A simple guide on how to Download Skype for Linux and install it. Check Skype WiFi rates, plans.

With very simple pay module, Skype WiFi allows interested people to get connected to the internet via nearest WiFi providers. You should feel free to make use of the Skype Credit to get access to internet through worldwide availability of over 2 million hotspots. With this customized facility, people will feel pleased because they do not require any credit card or even to sign up for accessing this facility again and again. It simply means that you can get online anytime and from anywhere in the world through your Skype account. Skype for LinuxSkype for Linux

Skype for Linux

In this case, you will never have to care for the entire day pass if you need internet access for just a few minutes because you will be charged on per minute basis. It should be however noted here that charges will vary depending on the service provider and it will be displayed whenever you try to connect your personal account to the most compatible and nearby WiFi hotspot.

It needs to be mentioned here that Skype WiFi is a specific application and Skype must be installed on your device in order to use internet services.

Requirements and process for using Skype WiFi

For using Skype WiFi on your Linux, you should ensure availability of –

  • Latest Skype version for Linux.
  • Sufficient Skype credit in account, and
  • Any device or computer to be connected to public WiFi point.

At the moment you connect to any WiFi hotspot, facility will be offered by Skype WiFi to get online after charging you per minute, which will be extremely affordable rate.

Manual activation of Skype WiFi

However, you can also activate Skype WiFi service manually for which they process is mentioned below –

  • First of all, you should sing into your Skype account.
  • Click on the Skype button located at the bottom section of Skype window which will open the pop-up option for you.
  • Skype WiFi should be then selected from the available options. It will provide information about by the near WiFi hotspot along with rate chargeable on per minute basis.

Depending on the Skype credit, it will continue showing how much time will you get for accessing internet.

  • You may click on Connect button for getting online, if you agree to the rate.

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