5 Best Free Android Apps to Play Pool Snooker Online on Android Device

best Android apps to play pool snookerbest Android apps to play pool snooker

Check the list of 5 Best free Android Apps to Play Pool Snooker online on Android phone/tablets.

Android has changed the way mobile phones were used previously. Gone are the days when people used mobile phones for calling or texting functions. The arrival of different varieties of smartphones and the simultaneous growth of apps have helped the users to do different tasks much easier. One of the primary reasons why cell phones are booming because of its ability to perform different tasks.

Android Apps to Play Pool Snooker Games

You can play games, browse through internet hassle free and manage bank account easily. If you are a game lover, you would have certainly played Pool Snooker, and as part of AdvicesAcademy best Android apps collections, we have gone through five free apps to play Pool Snooker on Android phone, tablet.

There are a number of free apps available in the android market which can be used for different purposes. An Android phone is considered to be the best companion for a person when he is traveling; be it in the form of finding directions in a new place or play games to kill time.

For all the snooker lovers, here are the top best Android apps to play pool snooker on their Android device.

Total Snooker App for Android

Total Snooker is perhaps the only game which has more than 4 rating in the Google Play Store. The game gives the best touchscreen experience to the users. Created by Giles Coope, the game provides best of the realistic snooker ball physics. The game has intuitive touch controls where the gamer can apply spin and swerve very easily.


There are 4 levels of challenges which a gamer can take. The game has some of the best snooker tables, but the absence of tournaments is a big negative about this game. There are eleven unlockable tables for the people to play games.

Download Total Snooker on your Android device for free.

International Snooker

International Snooker is one of the oldest snooker games in android market. The latest version of the game is also available in HD with much more enhanced graphics and audio and visuals effects. The game has three quickplay modes and a career mode which allows the player to play 15 tournaments in 14 locations.


The player can play top spin, back spin or swerve the cue ball. The career mode winnings can be used to increase the power, swerve, spin or play snooker more effectively. The follow the ball cam is perhaps a unique camera position which comes into play.

Download International Snooker on your Android device via Google Play.

Power Snooker

If you are fascinated to play T20 cricket, then Power snooker is meant for you. Power snooker brings a fresh new concept to this game by counting the points, not the frames. Whoever scores the maximum points in the 30-minute match, he wins. There is a shot timer of 20 seconds, and the player gets very less time to react. If it is past 20 seconds, a player faces a penalty of 20 points.


Players may also make some mistakes. There is a PowerZone which doubles the points for any shot player hits from behind baulk line. The game is regarded as one of the best pool snooker game in the android market.

Download Power snooker via Google Play on your Android device.

Velomatic’s Snooker

Velomatic’s Snooker Free and Snooker Pro version games work like any other real game of snooker, but it is categorically different from the rest. The game has some of the excellent ball dynamics, responsive cue strokes and cue ball spin. The player can make a top, back or side spin on the ball.


If the player wants to turn off the spin, he can do so by using the blue chalk cube icon. The player gets enough time to plan his shots. Additionally, the power, speed or direction of the cue ball can also be planned. The game is perhaps the easiest touch friendly snooker game.

You can download Velomatic’s Snooker via Google Play for free on your Android device.

World Snooker Championship

If you are a die-hard fan of Stephen Hendry and want to put yourself in their shoes, then World Snooker Championship is perhaps the best game available for you. The game features some of the best names in the world of snooker – Ronnie O’Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Ding Junhui and many more.


It is a complete game in the android market and perhaps gives you the feeling that you are playing snooker in the real world. The game as real ball physics has accurately rendered table and gives better tournaments to play for the gamer. It also has some of the best play controls. However, career mode of play in the game is absent.

Download World Snooker Championship on your Android device today!

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Like any other games in the android market, most of the free snooker games are available in either trial mode or restricted to beginner level.

Hence, the beginners can start with the free apps and then slowly move to the advanced level where they can play some of the Pro games. The controls available in the snooker games are touch sensitive and one of the best compared to the older versions of PC games.

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