5 Sites to Check PNR Status Online 2024

PNR Status check websitesPNR Status check websites

Listed here are the top 5 sites to Check your Indian Railways PNR Status online 2024. Also see alternate ways to know PNR status of your waitlisted ticket.

Indian Railways is ranked as the fourth largest train network after the top countries like the US, Soviet Union Russia Federation, and China and also the fourth largest employer in the world. Among the various guides we have listed are: spot running train on Google Maps, and Luggage Rules, and here in this guide we will learn about what is PNR? How to check PNR Status online of your ticket?

What is PNR in Indian Railways?

Passenger Name Record or simply PNR is the commonly used term in the travel industry. This is not just affiliated to Indian Railways but various airlines and major travel systems around the world use this abbreviation. This is defined as the record of the reservation made through a computer or online booking containing the details of the journey. PNR can include journey details for a passenger or a group of passengers who are traveling together.

Indian Railways is the widely used mode of transport in India. Over time Indian Railways has introduced a PNR Numbering system for each allocated ticket. Each ticket booked either online or via the counters is assigned a unique ten-digit number written on the top right-side corner of the rail ticket. Using this PNR number users can track the status of their ticket whether it’s confirmed or still on the waiting list. Users can also check for the seats allocated to them for the particular passenger traveling.

Check PNR Status Online

Over the period of time checking the PNR Status of your train ticket booking in India has become very easy. Users can easily check for the Ticket PNR Status through their mobile or tablet or computer and you just need to be connected to the web via the internet. There are various sites available online to check the status of your train ticket with a valid PNR number and here we have listed the top 5 sites to help you. These five sites are chosen depending on their popularity, speed in response, ads-free, security and dependability and they are organized in accordance to their ranking.

PNR Status Check.in

PNRStatusCheck.in is the personalized site dedicated to checking PNR status only. This is one of the quickest sites to check the PNR with a faster response time. Just provide the PNR number, hit Get Status there you go with your current booking status. No waiting, no ads, no further details required.

This is one of my favorite sites because it stores cookies until my journey is completed. So one time you enter the PNR, it will store the PNR number for many days.

Cleartrip PNR Status

Cleartrip is an award-winning portal providing you to book tickets online, book flight tickets and find hostel destinations around the world. They are the best site to book tickets, check PNR Status, and other information related to your Indian Railways. This is one of the quickest sites to provide you with the results.

One can check PNR Status using the Cleartrip site by visiting cleartrip.com/trains/pnr directly.

Cleartrip is known for no pop-ups and no ads on their site and this is one of the bigger advantages. Indian Railway’s official site is full of ads.

PNR Status on IndianRail Gov Site

Indianrail.gov.in is the official Indian Railways site for various information related to trains. This is currently the widely used site for PNR’s current status checkup but the only problem is that it’s loaded full of ads. That’s why we have ranked it fourth on the list.


Visit IndianRail.Gov.in PNR Status Check site.

IRCTC PNR Status Enquiry

IRCTC is the subsidiary of Indian Railways which handles online ticketing, tourism, and catering needs of railways. This has won many awards and it’s one of the popular sites to book tickets online. You can also check for the PNR Status at their site itself.

Check IRCTC PNR Status at Irctc-pnrstatus.com.

PNR Status.in

Pnrstatus.in is one of the other travel information guides to check your current PNR status. Just like PNRStatusCheck.in this is also one of the dedicated sites to get PNR status.

To check for the current status, just provide the 10 digit PNR number and click on the GET PNR Status button.

Alternative Methods to Check PNR Status

Using the above sites you can check PNR Status only when you are connected to the web on your computer or laptop or tablet PC. Apart from the sites mentioned above, you can check PNR by various other modes like –

PNR Status Check through SMS & Mobile

You can also check the PNR Status by sending the 10-digit ticket number to 139 from your mobile phone. (Ex: PNR is 4140902811 then you need to send an SMS as PRN 4140902811 to 139).

Existing mobile phone users of MTNL and BSNL can call directly the Indian Railways helpline number 139 to check the status.

PNR Status on Your Android Mobile

To Check PNR Status on your Android mobile phone, many of the sites have set up Android apps to check the status, or else you can make use of a normal browser and visit any of the above sites. Last but not least you can call the Indian Railways on their helpline 139 number.

Best iPhone Browsers

Do let us know by which site or source you check for the PNR status via the comments below.

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