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AdSella Review; buysellads alternativeAdSella Review; buysellads alternative

Are you declined by BuySellAds, then use AdSella the best BuySellAds alternative. Additionally this is also the AdSella review.

Apart from using Google AdSense and other CPC or CPM Sites, you might look to sell banners on your site as an added source of income. And when you come on to that, BuySellAds is the best place to buy and sell ads easily but since it’s one of the fastest growing advertising network and #1 in the niche to buy/sell ads, only the best sites in a niche with minimum requirements get approved.

AdSella Review: Best BuySellAds Alternatives

Although they have not mentioned any clear understanding to the public about their minimum requirements to get approved as publishers. I can say that their requirements are too high. On another similar note, I see few sites with just 35,000 visitors per month been approved.

BuySellAds Publisher Requirements

I run and AdvicesAcademy is just a start-up blog for beautiful tips like this. But Technosamigos does really good as it fetches 5,50,000 page views per month(official Google Analytics stats). When I first applied with 1,50,000 page views they declined the applications straightaway sighting “We only want to work with sites we know we are the perfect choice for.” and after two months once again I applied for review but it was same sad response although I had much better page views.

What’s Next

Well, I am sure that one day as my blog grows with time, I will be accepted by BuySellAds but what’s until then? Should I stop thinking of selling banners on my blog?

I quickly starting looking for alternatives and picked AdSella. I signup and created by first 125 x 125 ad listing [LINK].

Advertisers Rush-in

If you see my listing, there were few good things about it to attract advertisers. First I provided a better title for the ad listing (limited to 75 characters) and the perfect description of what Analytics stats show up.

The best thing that you can do is not to provide fake or higher data and then finally $8 price for a month was too low but I needed a start. And my listing was sold within four days. I then put up another 125 x 125 banner but this I priced it higher at $ 15.

When the listing wasn’t sold for 7 days, I slashed the price to $ 8 and within 48 hours of editing the listing, I was able to sell the second banner too.

AdSella – My Sold out Listing

Why AdSella Over BuySellAds

If you are accepted by BuySellAds and making revenue then I would say stick with it. Buy if you are not a part of it, AdSella will be the perfect alternative. There are few advantages of listing your ad at AdSella if your site has a good number of impressions. Just below the AdSella homepage, they list down featured listing, All listing and More Impressions.

As an advertiser he will like to have maximum exposure and if your site is listed under top 10 or 20 atleast with a fairer price you are bound to get advertisers on your way.

Why listing your Ads on AdSella do ensure the following –

  • Keep your price to a minimum and know where your site stands.
  • Always add ‘Get Certified’ Ad impression button for your site. This will show up a number of impressions you get per month (AdSella calls it as Projected Total Impressions per month).
  • From ‘Sold Out’ listing, check how is much they show up in AdSella Project Total Impressions.
  • Keep the description of your site precise so that advertiser clearly knows how much audience that they got to reach.
  • Let the readers know that you are using AdSella for advertisements by writing it in Privacy Policy page.
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So are you ready for a change and for your information this post is not been promoted by any advertisers? Everything written here is my personal experience. I thought I should share with you all.

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Declined by BuySellAds, Use AdSella (Review) - Best BuySellAds Alternatives
Are you declined by BuySellAds, then use AdSella the best BuySellAds alternative. Additionally this is also the AdSella review.
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