Top List of 10 Best CPM Networks for Publishers – 2024 Updated

Best CPM Networks for PublishersBest CPM Networks for Publishers

Check the list of top best CPM networks for publishers 2024 paying you the best of eCPM in the market with a quick review.

If you have a site with reasonable visitor traffic and have embedded ads in the different web pages you are sure to earn well from them. Not that every Ad gets clicked on by visitors, you also get paid if you are using ad impressions on the site and the impressions are opened for display as many times as someone visits the page. The concept of CPM- cost per impression is simple and effective for keeping ads as a way to earn on websites. Compare this to other advertisement programs like Cost-per-sale, cost-per-action or pay-per-click where the program pays when an action like clicking on ads or filling the form is performed and you have a no-hassle strategy that works.

There are a number of reliable CPM networks where you apply as an advertisement publisher and get paid. CPM networks have their own fixed payment rates for every 1000 views or displays and on average a 10000 visitor per day traffic that generates 200000 page views gets you anything between $40-50 depending on CPM rate.

Best CPM Networks for Publishers 2024

Here’s are the Best CPM Networks list for Publishers –

Tribal Fusion

One of the top contenders in popularity amid CPM ad networks, Tribal Fusion is popular for its high CPM rate. You get to apply for the Publisher program if you have a site that gets more than 500,000 non-repeated users every month. The site uses e-CPM and pays by check on a monthly basis on a formula of 55% revenue sharing with minimum cash-out being 50% and the minimum payment amount being $50.

Casale Media

Apart from high CPM rates, Casale Media also has fixed rates and sound fill rates. To become a publisher for Casale Media the minimum visitor frequency is 50,000. They pay you monthly and share up to 70% of revenue with publishers. The income could vary based on whether you apply solo-banner ads, pop-unders or other types of ads. You also get 5% for the second tier in addition to the 70% revenue share.


It’s an independent online advertising marketer with an international presence. You have to get 50,000 unique visitors every month to become an Adpepper publisher on which you’re paid a minimum CPM rate of $50. You can also apply for their CPA and CPC campaigns. The payout is weekly and there are different opportunities for profitable online marketing to be pursued.


A part of AOL, Advertising is ranked among the top CPM-ad networks. It offers good CPM rates to publishers having high visitor traffic on their sites. They see if the ads are suiting the content of your site and pay monthly. The minimum payment is $25.

Burst Media

A CPM company with quality campaigns in its fold and a high CPM rate, Burst Media accepts websites with high-quality content that is unique and gets a minimum of 25,000 monthly page views. If you’re a publisher with them, the company takes full control of taking decisions on ads that can run on your site and you have to frequently update the content of the blog or website.


Adversal after testing it out for a few months, it has turned out to be our favorite choice among the CPM networks. It accepts publishers with 30,000 unique visitors per month and NET 35 payments with a minimum of $20 payout setting. It has pure CPM and doesn’t combine with any CPA or CPC campaigns so if you have unsold inventory, you can use Adversal to make the most of your site.

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Ad4game is a very high-profit eCPM company with a unique concept. If you’re a publisher, you can use a variety of different ad platforms to select and the more the visitor traffic peaks, the higher goes your income. Ad4game distributes the content of gaming sites for drawing in a specific group of visitors. While there’s no minimum payout, Ad4game pays you monthly.

Vibrant Media

This one is a world leader in servicing high-quality contextual technology and has more than 6000 publishers. It offers smart editorial tools for re-circulating users through their websites and to publishers, payment based on a formula of incremental revenue. The VIA or Vibrant Interest Ads don’t run on the basis of whether a site has an easy implementation but on relevant display for advertising and words bought by advertisers.


It’s a monthly paying CPM company that runs as part of Federated Media publishing company and offers contextual ads that are suited to website content. Before taking in a publisher they evaluate his site’s content quality. They also offer free analytics to monitor traffic.

Chitikas eMini Malls

This CPM network offers you a 60% revenue share and on second-tier, a 10% extra. The company uses the strategy of ensuring that a user who visits the webpage for product advertising makes a click right after he makes a choice of purchase. This way the publisher gets maximum results.


One of the largest independent ad exchanges, adBrite reaches more than 300 million global visitors each month with a huge percentage being in the US alone. What does it offer? A yield management formula that works to let you have access to ads by hundreds of small to global advertisers. As a publisher with AdBrite you also choose between various ad formats and have full control over the account and other things.

So those were the top CPM Networks for Publishers list to try right now.

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