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When you give your child their first phone, you wouldn’t have imagined what the consequences will be in future. You might feel it’s a wrong decision after all, especially if you have teenage children. If you follow the news, it’s right for you to worry about kids security because of emerging internet threats.

But worrying isn’t the right thing to do in such circumstances. You have to be very careful on how to react because kids react badly when you behave harshly with them. Taking away phones isn’t an option, and they don’t let you monitor their phones as well. You need the best cell phone tracker app that will provide you control over your devices without their permission.

Then there is another problem: how to choose the best spy app. Well, it’s not relatively easy to find the exact app that you’ve in mind, but with the help of experts, you can indeed find the right best phone tracker app without permission. THEWISPY is the best monitoring app in the market that you can use for all your needs.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is a leading android phone tracking app that offers highly effective tools for spying. You can monitor calls, messages and track location remotely using this app. The primary reason for the foundation of this app was providing a solution for parents to ensure a secure lifestyle for their children.

The reason why it’s the choice of thousands of folks around the world is because it works in stealth mode. The whole working of the app is done quietly on the phone. So, your child can use the phone simultaneously, and they won’t know that their data is being transferred to an online portal.

How can you use TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is a simple working and best cell phone tracker that is used on android phones and tablets. You need to install it on the target phone if you want to use it. You have to access the phone physically so you can install it. You will get a personalized account where you can view all the tracked data.

There are features listed on the online portal, and you can use them to fetch data from the target phone. When you activate any feature, the app starts working secretly and allows you access to view real-time mobile data. You can read detailed guidelines if you find difficulty while spying on the android phone remotely. Apart from that, in no time, you will be a pro user of TheWiSpy.

Why do parents want to use the phone tracker app without permission?

Kids don’t see why parents are putting restrictions on their lives, but only folks know it’s for their safety. For example, they put curfew so kids can be prevented from dangers. There are many dangers for kids in today’s world because of the internet, such as kids get harassed and body-shamed online.

That’s because they share their life on social media, they might not sense the danger, but you as a parent should monitor what’s coming next for them. Following are the most common threats that make parents use the best phone tracker app without permission.


Cyberbullying is online harassment that most kids face these days as the internet has made contacting easier, strangers can easily access young kids. So they start talking to kids and in no time blackmail them or harass them.

Internet threats:

There are numerous internet threats that parents are worried about, such as online scams, hacking, invasion of privacy, and many other. Children are a significant target for perverts, so you have to make sure kids have a safe online environment.

Access to unethical data:

Internet is a vast space where all sort of content is available. Teenage is a period where kids try to explore different things and get attracted to adult content. At the moment, they don’t realize it, but it is unhealthy for them. Parents are worried about them; that’s why they want to use the best phone tracker app without permission.

Security of kids:

You can find many reasons why a parent would want to monitor their child, but at the end of the day, they are concerned about the security of kids. Unfortunately, it is getting hard every day to maintain a secure wrap around them in this modern-day. But you can stop it with the help of tracking software.

Mobile phone for kids

Who can you use TheWiSpy software?

TheWiSpy isn’t just for parental use, and it offers unlimited service for people around the globe. Following are the highlighted functions that are most popular.

Parental control app:

TWS helps to spy on the android phone remotely with the help of more than 30 parental controls. You can view your child’s online activity and control their phone usage. If you find anything unethical, you can block or delete files using advanced features.

Employee monitoring app:

TheWiSpy employee monitoring app is highly recommended for all types of businesses. You can sit in a remote area and track the digital activity of your employees during work hours. TWS helps you increase office productivity and ensure employees are working hard. The unlimited features are helpful in such cases where you’ll get daily reports to analyze the progress.

Main TheWiSpy features:

Call log spy:

TheWiSpy provides an advanced call log spy feature. You’ll have access to your child’s logs where you can view contact details, call durations, consistency of calls, etc. If you notice sudden panic when someone calls them, it’s your queue to take some actions using the android phone tracking app because they are being harassed probably or in danger, so you need to help them.

Call Recorder:

Call recorder is a remote feature that is one step ahead of monitoring call logs. You can record ongoing calls and hear them on the online portal of TheWiSpy. It is the best cell phone tracker app because you can listen to every exchanged call using this feature.

Surround Recording:

You can also use the best phone tracker app without permission and record the surrounding of your child. For example, you don’t like the people they hang out with, or you suspect their intentions. Then you can listen to what they talk about when they meet your kids. It’s a pretty good feature for parents to track real-life activities of children remotely.

Application Tracker:

Kids spend a lot of their time using social media apps or playing games. It can be harmful to their mental health because they don’t control the usage and end up in trouble. TheWiSpy offers an application tracker feature to spy on the phones remotely. You can view and control the online activity of your kids on such apps.

Web Browser monitoring:

You can control what content your kid is approaching on the internet. TWS offers a web browser monitoring feature where you can view search history and block websites. It helps in filtering out content for them.

Whatsapp spy app:

You can spy on texts messages exchanged with others via this feature. You can view the text conversation and make changes as well. The changes might be deleting, retrieving messages, and blocking contacts remotely.


The app stores typed keywords by the device user. These logs are used when you want to spy on different accounts. So you can quickly log in to apps and don’t need to stress about passwords being changed.

GPS Tracking:

You can monitor the real-time location of teens using this feature. It detects the location of the target when the app activates the function and then uploads the information.


You don’t have to feel guilty while invading your kids’ privacy because you don’t want anything but a secure life for them. And TheWiSpy makes it easier for you with the help of phone spying remotely. You don’t need to nag your kid for passwords to check their activity or even access their phone physically to ensure they’re behaving.

TheWiSpy works remotely and provides the latest information of the target in real-time. You won’t need permissions to enter accounts, and without any worry, you can control their phone.

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