How to get Phone Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4 From Other Phones

For those who have purchased Samsung Galaxy S4, I congratulate them for owing a device called “Life Companion”.  For number of reasons Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone available right now in the market. While the discussion about Galaxy S4 is never ending, I will cut it short and come straight into discussion – how to transfer contacts to Samsung Galaxy S4 from other phones.Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4

Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Galaxy S4

If you have an Android phone then the task of moving contacts becomes easier and it will be easier to import contacts on Galaxy S4. So using this guide you can move all contacts from Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, LG Optimus G & other Android phones easily. Follow the guide mentioned below to make your task cut short –

  • Open Contacts on your Android phone.
  • Click on Menu button and tap on Import/Export.
  • This screen will now show option to “Copy Contacts From”, so select desired the SIM card from which you need to copy the contacts to other and then tap on Next. Since my requirement is copy to contacts in phone memory to SIM 2, I have selected Phone-only.
  • Now select the “Copy Contacts to” as then select the Gmail Account where you would like to move contacts and then tap Next.
  • This screen will display contacts Stored in Gmail account. Now you need to tap on respective contacts and then tap on right side bar bottom icon.
  • Once the contacts are copied you will see the notification in the notification menu.
  • Once all the contacts on phone memory are moved, its time to bring Galaxy S4 in action. Put the new SIM card in your phone and turn on the device. It will ask for Google Account. Enter the same email ID which was used on the previous Android phone. This will be asked as when your phone is booted.
  • Now go to Settings and Select Accounts & Sync.
  • Tap on the respective Gmail ID and ensure that Sync is ON.
  • Ensure to select “Sync Contacts“.
  • This will ensure that all the contacts are available on your device. Its the matter on how you display the contacts. So go to Contacts, tap on Menu and select Contact to display.
  • Tap on Customize and ensure that you have selected your Gmail ID contacts to display.
  • Tap on OK and it will take your settings into effect.

Transfer Contacts from Nokia & Other Non-Android Phones to Galaxy S4

While the task of moving contacts from one Android phone to another phone was easy but the task is hard when it comes to Nokia, LG, Samsung and other Non-Android phones.

We have explained – Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Galaxy S4 Phone.

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