3 Best Android Apps to Read Torah Online on Phone

Read Torah online phoneRead Torah online phone

Best Android Apps to Read Torah Online: The purpose of phones usage has changed over the last few years. Gone are the days when phones were used only for calls and texting functions. Today phones are replaced by smartphones which can be used for multiple purposes including the calling and texting functions. The smartphones can be used for playing games, using apps like cam scan, GPS, maps location, etc. Most of the smartphones use Android operating systems because of the multiple features that they offer. These apps are available for download from Google Play Store either for a nominal cost or for free.


Best Torah Android Apps

There are apps available to read the holy books of Quran, the Bible etc. for free of cost. Mentioned below are some of the best Torah Android apps for reading Torah online.

Torah Android App

Ronmob Torah is a free app available for being installed easily on Google Play Store. This app can be used easily by users of any age group. The app has the Jewish books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The touchscreen feature of android works well for this app.

The user is required to tab, swipe and slide through the screen to read the various verses of the book. The menu option provides direct access to the verse which the user wants to read. If you are looking not to spend on downloading an online Torah app, then this is perhaps the best app for you.

Download Torah on your Android device via Google Play.

OKtm English Torah App

OKtm English Torah android app is another type of android app available in Google Play store. One drawback of Ronmob Torah is that it is not available in any other language except English. Oktm English Torah, on the other hand, is available in the Hebrew language.

This is a fully revised and new interface version. Some of the striking features of OKtm English Torah is toggle full screen, context menu and bookmarks. The readers can also change the font color and size by just a swipe of the screen. OKtm English Torah is available at a very reasonable price.

Download OKtm English Torah on your Android phone.

Tanach Bible Android App

Tanach Bible is another paid android app available from Google Play Store. Available at a very reasonable price, the app can be used to search and read the Hebrew Bible with Tanach Bible which is the ideal tool for Hebrew and English Bible.


The app has all the features which make it one of the best in the category. The app has easy navigation with an option to bookmark verses. The user can sort bookmark by most recent or by book. The app offers support in English and Hebrew languages.

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Download Tanach Bible on your Android device via the Google Play store.

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The Android apps for reading Torah online give a wonderful opportunity to those who do not get an opportunity to devote additional time to read the same in their routine daily life. With the help of these apps, the users can read the apps as and when they want, on the go, in the office, or at home.

The availability of Torah in multiple languages just gives users the flexibility to read the text in translated versions in case they do not understand English. While free versions have limited features, the paid apps are reasonable enough to download.

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