5 Best Android Apps to Read Bible Online

The belief that devotion and technology carry opposite meanings is as mistaken as it is popular. The war between science and faith has been going on for ages and is likely to continue on the same path if the naive believers of this squabble are to be followed. It was said by an enlightened soul, ‘Devotion and technology go hand in hand, technology is just too young to understand.’

And indeed, the beautiful earth created by the Lord’s own hands are perceived by us through technology. Thus, God and technology are both superhuman phenomenon with a striking resemblance in the role they play in man’s life! Android OS, a platform that set the market to fire, brings out this resemblance through apps that help users to reach out to the Lord with the help of technology. Read on to find out the 5 Best Android Apps To Read Bible Online:

Bible Android App

Bible, by LifeChurch.tv (developer) is arguably the best application to read Bible online. It contains the entire Bible in 35 different languages and can be downloaded in another 200 global languages. It is a piece of cake to categorize the entire Bible into parts and the app allows you to start reading from any part or topic.Bible Android AppBible Android App

This app also has the function to search the Bible with the help of words that will help you easily locate your favorite parts at a moment’s noice. The audio feature of the Bible allows you to listen to an audio version of the Bible while your hands or eyes are busy indulging in other work. Last but not the least, this application is completely free of cost!

Download Bible via Google Play.

Daily Bible Android App

Daily Bible, by JoanSoft (developer) is the Android Bible Reading app that has recieved the most popularity. There are about 5,000,000- 10,000,000 Android users that have installed this application and are using it as a medium to communicate with the spirit of the divine.

The application allows you to form reading plans and upload them to social networking sites so as to recieve peer help in abiding by your schedule. The app comes with a home widget that reminds you at your customized intervals as well as tells you the verse you are supposed to read. Like its predecessor, Daily Bible comes with voice functionality!

Download Daily Bible on your Android device via Google Play.

KJV Bible Android App

KJV Bible, by Tecarta.Inc (developer) has made its spot in this list due to its well designed interface and smart functionality features. This, too, is a talking Bible and carries the voice functionality. The other versions of the of the Bible can be easily purchased through this application, while the KJV version is free of cost.

The app comes with different setting such as Night Mode for low light reading and Notes feature to mark and take down notes while reading the Holy Book. It might also interest you to know that along with customary filters and search (jump-to) options, the KJV Bible app has easy copy-paste functions.

Download KJV Bible via Google Play.

Bible Quotes Android App

Bible Quotes, by DodsonEng (developer) is nothing like the above mentioned apps in terms of functionality or even utilities. While the above apps are for hardcore readers that are looking to spend a serious amount of time reading the book through their smartphones, Bible Quotes is for those who seek to begin or end their day with a refreshing quote from the Holy Book.

The app pops up new quotes from the Bible every time and helps to keep the user inspired. You can also share the  verse with the help of inbuilt share buttons to sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc as well as Email and SMS.

Download Bible Quotes via Google Play on your Android Phone.

Bible Tree Android App

Bible Tree, by Olive Tree Bible + (developer) is an application that provides for interaction between its users and shring of thoughts notes etc. The app comes in built with two versions of the Bible completely free of cost! As regular applications go, the Bible Tree allows the user to bookmark, jump ahead to a specific part, take down notes etc.

It has the cloud sync option by virtue of which one can upload all of his/her work (notes, bookmarks, thoughts, verses etc) on to a server. You can also access other’s uploads marked public and can benefit from the work of great scholars. With over 4 million users, the Bible Tree has a well efficient system of working!

Download Bible Tree on your Android Device via Google Play.

And there you go, you have a list of Android Applications that are unmatched in terms of user experience while reading the Holy Book. Thanks to Android, we can now offer our devotions on the move and do so in a organized manner. Each of the apps have their own speciality, such as voice functionality, devotional schedule marking, bookmarks, notes, copy-paste functionality, public forums etc. However, one thing all of them have in common is that all these apps are mediums that link the people popular technology to the mighty omnipotent Lord himself!

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