3 Smart Android Apps to Answer Calls by Gesture

Gesture Answer callGesture Answer call

Gesture Answer Call App: 3 Smart Android Apps to Answer Calls by Gesture.

Gesture calling is one of the important features of Android phones. Hence we look through 3 smart Android Apps which can answer calls by gesture.

Answer Calls by Gesture

There are many Android apps available which if installed in the smart phone, allow the users to answer the calls without touching the phone. This is perhaps the next generation of mobile phones. In fact, there are few of the expensive high-end phones available in the market which allows the users to answer or make calls by waving just in front of the phones without swiping on the screen. Mentioned below are some of the Android apps which can help to answer calls by gesture.

Answer Calls by Gestures

Answer Calls by Gestures is a free app available from the Android market, also known as Google Play Store. The users can choose what kind of gestures required to answer or reject phone calls. In addition, to answer or reject phone calls, the users can also choose what kind of information is required on the calling screen, such as photo, name, etc. of the caller.

The app also helps to enhance the privacy of the user by allowing the person to control the incoming calls. Calls from the unwanted numbers can easily be blocked. Answer Call by Gesture shows the caller’s photo in full screen no matter what the screen resolution is. The new features have mute and call-back options along with Don’t Disturb Mode.

Download Answer Calls by Gestures via Google Play.

Air Call Answer App

Air Call Answer is a unique app using which the users can answer or reject phone calls without touching them. It works in any Android phone which has a proximity sensor. This free app rules out the requirement of any expensive phone which has the same features of answering calls by gesture. Users can just answer or reject the call by waving.

Additionally, the speaker option of the app enables the users to attend the call and enabling the speakerphone so that he can take the call even if he is not near the phone. The homescreen widget allows the users to turn on or off the app and to function the speakerphone.

Download Air Call Answer for free on your Android device.

Smart Call Accept

Smart Call Accept is a different type of gesture answer call feature which allows the users to accept the incoming calls by proximity or by voice. The proximity setting of the phone enables wave control and speaker control. The voice control enables the users to accept the incoming calls by saying “Hello”, “Stop” to reject and “Silent” for silent mode.

The user can also opt for sending SMS when rejecting the calls. Predefined texts are available for sending the SMS. There is an option to enable speakerphones. Complete operating instructions of this free app are available in Google Play Store.

Download Smart Call Accept on your Android device.

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The above-mentioned apps provide an experience of next generation mobile telephony, perhaps which one would never had thought about. Interestingly, the Android apps give a first-hand experience to all the users to use the technology free of cost. These apps work in almost all makes of mobile phones and it is independent of the service network.

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