6 Best Android Apps for Online Cloud Storage 2024

Best Android Apps for Online Cloud StorageBest Android Apps for Online Cloud Storage

Online cloud storage is a newer technology that has become very popular in very little time. Cloud storage is a technique where data can be stored on an online network of servers that acts as storage space for the users to store their data in. There are several companies that host this online space. Customers can lease or buy space from these companies.

Best Android Apps for Online Cloud Storage

For the consumers, space is a virtual storage where they can accumulate their entire data at one place, whereas in reality the data could be dispersed on several servers. These days there are specific applications that enable cloud storage on Android phones.

The six best apps for online cloud storage for your Android phone are as follows –

Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage service provided by Google. It was recently released in April 2012.  It provides its users free storage of 5 GB free of cost. The users can use from 25 GB to 16 TB space by paying a nominal fee of $2.49 US for 25 GB on the basis of a monthly subscription plan.

Media Fire

Media Fire is another website based on the services of cloud computing. It provides free file and imaging services. You can store files and even images on this site. The most useful part played by Media Fire is if you need to access some files while away from home, in such cases you may simply upload it on this site and then access it online whenever you want to.


Dropbox is another cloud computing based file hosting service powered by DropBox. The most amazing feature of Dropbox is that it allows its users to create folders on their desktops, android phones or tablets, which it then synchronizes to make them available over the cloud. These folders can then be accessed through a website, your phone or the desktop. It has become very popular with all its users very soon.


Named as the best cloud service by Gizmo on September 2011; SugarSync provides 5 GB of free online storage to its users. It provides free online backup, free file sharing, and free file syncing facilities. These files can also be shared from several operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Android, Blackberry devices.


Box is a graphical user interface, an Android app that helps you share, edit, upload and restore your files and presentations. Like many other cloud service based websites Box also provides 5 GB of free data to its users. It provides you a network by means of which you can always stay connected with your teammates and friends. You may also comment on the files uploaded by your team members or your friends.

Sky Drive

Sky Drive is a cloud based service by Microsoft. Earlier it was known as Windows Live Sky Drive. This is one of the best online cloud services and in comparison to other websites it provides 7 GB of free usage space. With Sky Drive you can easily share files from any device and then access it at any place or location. You can upload multiple files and photos from your phone; view the recent documents and many more exciting features.

These cloud based services have revolutionized the internet world. It has made files and folders all the more accessible and easy to reach to whenever needed. Added to these facilities the basic feature of free subscription of 5 GB to 7 GB space makes it all the more attractive for the users. The market is sure to embrace this technology all the more with the passage of time.

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So of these are you using on your Android phone?

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