Best Android Apps to Read Holy Book Avesta Zoroastrianism Online

Technology has advanced to a much faster way than it was expected. Today, getting information about anything has become very easy. Time is gone when internet used to be available only in bulky desktop computers. With the introduction of high end devices and advancement in telecom technology, internet can be accessed from anywhere. This becomes more convenient when someone uses android based Smartphones.Avesta Zoroastrianism bookAvesta Zoroastrianism book

Read Avesta Zoroastrianism Online

Android phones based on touchscreen technology have made the task much easier for us. Just with the touch of a screen, the user can make calls, watch videos, listen to music, take pictures and do a lot more other things. The growing number of android users has witnessed a rise in the android applications. One such android application is reading ebooks online.

There are many android apps available which helps people of different religion to read their own holy book. Be it Bible, Quran, or Geetha, there is at least two to three apps available which can easily be downloaded to read the books. There are two such android apps available to read Avesta Zoroastrianism holy book. Avesta is considered to be a holy book of Zoroastrianism which was founded by Zarathustra who is a legendary Bactrian prophet. It is a library containing sacred texts composed in Avestan language, which was later translated into different other languages.

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The two Android apps are Zend Avesta and Zoroastrian prayers and few of the details about these apps are mentioned below –

Zend Avesta

Zend Avesta has the entire preaching of Zoroastrianism in an online ebook format. As it was mentioned above, the word is derived from Zoroaster or Zarathustra who is the founder of the religion.

Zarathustra was born in BC 600 and the religion which he is linked to is a kind of spiritualised Magism which is prevalent in many countries. There are scholars who are prevalent in many countries. There are many number of fictitious legends who were emerged in the later part who can be linked to Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha. You can download Zend Avesta via Google Play on your Android device.

Zoroastrian Prayers

Zoroastrian Prayers is a different type of android app. Unlike Zend Avesta, Zoroastrian Prayers do not have the library of Zoroastrianism. Instead, it has all the prayers which can work as a ready reference for people on the go.

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The app contains almost all the common prayers which are referred daily. The most interesting part of this app is that the funds raised by selling/downloading the app go towards Zoroastrian Dar-e-mehr, a worship place and for the enhancement of the app. It is proposed that the app will soon have search capability. You can download Zoroastrian Prayers on your Android device via Google Play.

The android apps to read Avesta Zoroastrianism holy book online have really been helpful for those who believe in the religion, especially the Iranian community. They are available at a very reasonable rate.

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