3 Best Android Apps to Read Quran Online

It can not be denied that android phones are the best companions that a person can ever have. Over 10,000 apps in android helps you to give you the best of everything. Android apps are designed for various applications, viz., playing games, finding directions, surfing internet, and so on. There is a wrong perception that android apps are designed only to meet the requirements of busy executives and young generation. There are so much of apps available that it is covered for each and every type of customer. Reading holy books is one such app available in Android.

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Mentioned below are some of the best apps available to read Quran online.

Quran Android App

Quran Android is one of the oldest android apps available. It is a free and open source app specially designed for android tablets and phones. The most striking feature of this app is the gapless audio playback which will stop when phone call comes in and starts as per the user’s requirement.

Quran AndroidQuran Android

The app has updated index, Ayah bookmarking, Ayah Share, and several other features including audio recitations which can be used for streaming and downloading. The app allows the users to translate Quran into many languages; check for your language before you download. The open source app allows others to provide inputs and add into the existing app.

Download Quran Android on your Android device via Google Play.

iQuran Android App

Reading the Holy Quran is now been made easy with this paid app, iQuran. Available at a reasonable price, Holy Quran is available in Arabic and also has its translation in multiple languages. This app has multiple features which make it one of the most favorite among its users.

The app provides verse by verse audio playback, unlimited bookmarks, excellent navigation controls, translations into multiple languages and color coded Tajweed rules meant for pronunciation. The search option of this app is very powerful and provides unlimited bookmarking and Quranic supplications. The recitations can easily be downloaded and played later.

Download iQuran on your Android device via Google Play.

Islam: The Quran App

Islam: The Quran or “The Nobel Quran” is another type of Quran available as an android app. The users of this app can find all the suras of the Quran in this book.

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Each of the verses of Quran is available to be read in Arabic language and they are also translated in different other languages which make it easy for the non Arabic speakers. The bookmark facility is available. It is possible for the users to read each sura and each verse separately. To facilitate the learning of suras, the application also has the facility to repeat the range of ayats.

Download Islam: The Quran from Google Play.

There are many other Quran reading applications available for the Arabic and non-arabic readers. A visit at Google Play Store will help you to make your choice quite easier. But before downloading, go through the reviews available under each of these apps. With holy month of Ramzan approaching, the Quran android apps can prove to be quite beneficial for people to read and listen to recitations online on the move or at their workplaces.

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