4 Things You Need to Know about Japanese Sim Cards

Japanese SIM cardJapanese SIM card

Japan is an archipelago located in the eastern part of the continent of Asia. Dubbed as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun‘, it spans over 377,000 square kilometres, and is home to over 120 million residents. The distinct culture and technological advancement of Japan have continued to wow other countries across the globe. It is known for the efficiency, independence and strong support of its people on local products and brands. Thus, it is no wonder how they have gradually redeveloped as a powerful and self-sufficient nation in no time.

Japan is known for its numerous innovations and mind-blowing inventions. The country is also known for devising smart and practical tools for everyday use such as the Japan sim.

A Japan sim is a communication tool designed to suit long-term and short-term connectivity needs. Long-term sim cards are those that come with contracts and are ideal for use if a tourist or individual plans to stay in the country for four months or more. On the other hand, a short-term sim is meant for quick trips, like one taken by tourists or people on short-term business trips.

To understand better how these sim cards work and differ from each other, enumerated below are four key details about this handy communication tool:

It comes with different packages for data usage

Some sim card providers offer at least 7 GB of data for a span of 30 to 90 days. It is dependent on the length of time you will be spending in the country. Mobile data is pretty fast in Japan, considering how advanced their technology and way of life are. Some providers offer limitless data usage or an extra amount of data that you can use.

It typically does not require registration

No-registration sim cards are common in short-term variants or the ones used by tourists. As a consequence, visitors can communicate more easily with each other and connect to the Internet as they please. But, if you plan to use the sim for a longer period, you might also want to consider the fees coupled with availing voice features and domestic SMS texts.

It can be used in different mobile devices

Modern-day Japan sim cards are now available in standard sizes as well as in micro and nano sim variants. If you don’t own a phone but have a tablet instead, you can still benefit from using the sim card.

Features and charges differ among sim card providers

Some sim providers include voice calls in their package or plan, while some do not. Define your purpose for availing a Japanese sim card. Is it for a business trip or a leisurely agenda? Check whether you can avail the sim via shipping or if you need to pick it at the airport to adjust your schedule accordingly. More importantly, look closely at the details of the price plan to see if your chosen Japan sim provider enables limited or unlimited English support service.

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Before, people in new places and countries had to manually navigate their way around the area. Had it not been for the progression of technology, it would still be quite a challenge to travel and communicate while overseas. Handy inventions like a versatile sim card enable you to connect with both locals and your loved ones abroad easily.

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