Backlink Tools to Spice up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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If you want to improve and spice up your digital marketing strategy, then you have to make sure that you focus on getting relevant and effective backlinks. You must know that backlinks can bring a lot of value to your website.

Backlinks are important for a new or low-ranked website because they can work as a vote of confidence in the search engines.

Now there are different ways to get backlinks for your website, and in this post, you will find details about the different backlink tools that can help you with modern digital marketing!

Best Backlink Tools for all sorts of Marketers!

Out of dozens of backlink related tools, we have listed out the top-notch ones for you:

Backlink checker –

The backlink checker by SearchEngineReports is one of the best tools in this league. This backlink checker is free and very easy to use. It is an online-based tool to utilize on any device you want without any trouble. Just open this on your browser, where you have to enter the URL/domain address of the site you want to check website backlinks. The tool would get you results regarding the number of backlinks pointing towards your domain and the individual links’ value. You would also get to know about the anchor text under which the links are hidden, the referring IPs, the referring domains, and the domain rating.

SE Rankings

This is one of the hot favorite backlink checkers found on the web. With this backlink checker tool, you can easily find out the incoming links on your domain. The results produced by this tool are based on the data given by Google webmaster. You can generate a detailed website audit and link analysis with this online tool. Using this tool, you can also find the details of the keywords used on your site and the ones used by your competitor. You can get a competitive analysis by using this tool and using the results, and you can mend your plans and improve your strategy to get above the competition.

Backlink Watch

This is another backlink analyzer that is best for newbies. The backlink watch is one of the simplest and easiest to use tools to track different SEO metrics of a website. This tool, unlike many others, is free but works with some restrictions. The results about the quality and number of backlinks are very accurate, so you should try it.

SEO Spyglass

This is a relatively new backlink analyzer that can get you great results regarding your backlinks. You would be shocked to know that this backlink spying tool has a database filled with more than 15 trillion indexed backlinks.

The number of indexed backlinks is far more than the number of Ahref, which is considered a big player in this monopoly. Spyglass can be used for free but only for the checking of up to 1100 links. After using the free limit, you can get along with the paid packages of the tool, link.

Moon Search

Moon search is a free backlink monitoring tool that would get you comprehensive results about the links indexed to your domain and also the ones of your competing website. You would get a complete analysis of your site and get suggestions about how you can improve your ranking position with backlinks. Moon search would tell you your site’s ranking position for Yahoo, Dmoz, and Google!


This is one of the best SEO analysis tools on the web. If you know about backlinks, then you would know about AHref. Ahref is one of the most detailed analysis tools that you can use on your website. The tool would get you results about the backlinks pointing on your site. These sites mention your links, the anchor texts, the keywords, the domain rating, the domain authority, the page authority, and many other relevant aspects. You must know that Ahref is a professional service that high-level marketing agencies use. The tool is paid, and if you want to use it for free, you can only go for two domains daily.

Link Diagnosis

This is another expert-recommended backlink checker that can help you monitor backlinks. Using this digital marketing tool, you can easily check do-follow, no-follow, internal, external, spammy, bad, high authority, and all other sorts of backlinks linked to a domain. The tool can also tell you about the distribution of page ranks, which would help marketers improve their strategies accordingly. Here we would like you to know, this tool is the best partner for Firefox!

Checking and monitoring the quality and quantity of links is important in digital marketing. If your links are of lower quality or have been broken, then these tools can help you modify your plan so that your ranking position and credibility would increase in the market!

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