What Affect Does Font Size Have on Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO Font Size AffectSEO Font Size Affect

In this Advices Academy SEO Guide, we look through what affect does font size have on Search Engine Optimization.

It started with my quest to change the text fonts on my blog which previously used FreshLife WordPress theme. It’s a wonderful theme for anyone who likes to show up their WordPress blog is news & magazines style. I worked on style.css, custom.css files but couldn’t find any settings to change the text font which was originally too small to read. I don’t want to give pain to reader’s eye. With FreshLife Support staff I was able to change the font but I had question in my mind whether the new changes made by me in font sizes have any affect on SEO of my page? Overall SEO of my site? Here is what I have observed and happy to share my experience.

Since H1, H2 and H3 are considered to be a part of SEO, unless and until you are not touching them, it doesn’t affect SEO. As such you can conclude that font size have no affect on SEO. So setting font size anything ranging from 10-14 of any font doesn’t actually make any difference. Proper font and right font size might not affect SEO but it does have impact on user experience. Although commonly used browsers have ability to change the font-size to small/medium/large, it’s important for you not to depend on browser and set a proper font size.

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Last but not the least, font size had indirect effect on minor SEO factors through user experience like Click-through ratio, bounce rate, average time on site, doesn’t always be a negative results. Search Engine spiders are thirsty of bold, italics and H1, H2 tags on any web page, so better user experience with proper font size, fonts, heading tags leads to better SEO. Since visitors are your chances to get any kind of revenue (via affiliate or CPC sites or CPM) we would advise you to take down review from people you know if you apply any changes.

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