5 Best Google Page Rank Prediction Tools

Google Page Rank Prediction ToolsGoogle Page Rank Prediction Tools

Check the 5 best tools which can help you to predict your upcoming Google Page Rank aka these are 5 best Google Page Rank predictions tools.

The important factor for measuring the blogs success rate is Google Page Rank. Generally, an established blog expects Page score of 3-5. There are many leading blogs such as Techcrunch and Mashable enjoying 8 page rank these days. 10 is the highest page rank that any blogs get. The downgrading of page rank is also done by Google if it finds poor search engine optimization, which is SEO in the blogs.

How Google Assign Page Rank to Websites?

The contents and the backlinks of the blog are usually analyzed by the Google for assigning the page rank to the blogs. The more the quality and meaningful content along with the do follow back links, the more the chances of the higher page rate for the blog.

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In every 3 months, Google updates the page rank for blogs. in the month of February 2013, Google made the last page rank updates. But Google delayed in making the page rate update this time.

Many rumors say that Google will update page rate, probably in the month of August 2013. So, keep checking the Google page rate prediction tools. The accurate result is not expected from these tools, as these tools are based on some analysis.

Best Google PR Prediction Tools

The following are the list of best Google PR predictions tools –


Next is very easy and simple page rank measuring tool that measures the future page rank along with the present page rank. Just by entering website URL and captcha and pressing check button. 2 boxes are displayed on the screen.

In one box present page rank of the website is displayed and in other box, websites future page rank is displayed. Estimated visitors page graph along with the predicted page rank is also displayed.

3W1 Page Rank Predictor

3W1 is one of the most accurate and most reliable future page rank predictor that is used by the Google page rank prediction. No input box is used by this tool for the prediction.  Just by suffixing blogs name or URL to this address http://3w1.eu/predicted-pagerank and after that press enter key.

Page rank prediction by SEO mastering

It is very simple and very nice Google page rank predictor. A few seconds is needed by this page rank predictor to predict the real as well as the future page rank of the website. just by specifying the URL address of the website and by filling the captcha form and after that by pressing the continue button. By doing the above step, one get trust and real page rank which is assigned by the Google.

Google PR Predictor by iwebtool

Iwebtool is a very popular page rank prediction tool. up to 10 website page rank is checked in 1 hour by using this tool. By entering URL address and by pressing the check button, backlinks, current page rank, accuracy, future page rank is displayed on the table.

Google page rank prediction by Rusty Brick

Online Google page rank prediction application is developed by Rusty Brick. This application is quite easy and simple to use. One can know the future page rank just by entering the URL address and by hitting the submit button.

Final Thought

Hundreds of page rank prediction tools are easily available on the web and web tools API is used by these to predict the future page rank. But, my recommendation is NextPR.info, 3W1PR Predictor and SEO mastering.

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