Bodyweight Chest Workout: Wide grip push ups

Bodyweight Chest WorkoutBodyweight Chest Workout

Well what can I say, push-ups are a simple, affordable and most important effective exercise for general strengthening of muscles and chest muscles as well. The exercise is multi-joint and in part, it can be considered basic. For beginners to train, it is worth bringing the number of repetitions to 20 in one approach and doing 5 such approaches per training, which is carried out 2 times a week. Rest between sets of 1-2 minutes. Next, it’s worth moving on to more difficult exercises in the form of bars with weight or dumbbell presses.

  • Put your hands on the floor, arms spread wide, but to make joints comfortable;
  • On the exhale, go down until the chest touches the floor, on the exhale, go up to its original position;
  • To enhance the effect, it is recommended not to stretch your elbows to the end when straightening your arms, and also linger for a couple of seconds at the bottom;

Lower chest workout: Wide grip push-ups

This type of push-ups is analogous to the previous one, but has its own peculiarity since due to the angle of inclination, the upper part of the pectoral muscles and the front deltas are more involved. Initially, in training the pectoral muscles, it is worth focusing on their upper part, since it is the most massive, and even with its development, the chest looks much more advantageous with reading parabolan reviews on The mode of repetitions and approaches is the same as in the previous exercise.

  • Put your feet on a raised platform, it can be a cabinet, a chair, a table, etc. You should not make a too large angle, as with its increase the load is shifted from the top of the chest to the front deltas. Put your hands firmly on the floor, arms wide apart;
  • On the exhale, go down until the chin touches the floor, on the inhale, return to the starting position;

Decline push-ups to make pecs muscle grow (for slow muscle fibers)

This is a special kind of push-ups that few people know about, this exercise is based on the principles of training slow muscle fibers. Our muscles are composed of fast and slow muscle fibers, the former is responsible for strength, the latter for endurance.

So training the IIM can be additionally added in volumes, since for many this part of the fibers is little involved. Also, this type of training has a huge plus, here every time, as for the first time. That is, the load is constantly maximum, and the weight is the same. The principle is that for 30 sec. push-ups are done at a very slow pace, during this time it turns out to do a few repetitions. After 30 seconds of rest and again this approach. Such approaches are 3 to 30 seconds each, after a minute of rest and you can repeat everything all over again. In one training session, you can do 3 cycles of 3 sets of 30 seconds each.

Home Chest And Tricep Workout

So, we examined how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home and what is needed for this, it remains to consider the training scheme. It’s best to train your chest no more than twice a week, to build your workouts so that the first is heavy and the second light. On heavy we do fewer repetitions – more working weight, on light, on the contrary, more repetitions – less working weight. You can read more about a study on triceps.

Between chest exercises, there must be one day of complete rest, and preferably two. Before each workout, it is necessary to do a general warm-up and stretch all joints and muscles. Before working approaches, you need to do 1-3 leading approaches with small weights for a large number of times.

Below are the programs for home chest training in two versions – with their own weight without anything and with the use of dumbbells and bars. In the version with dumbbells and bars, if there is only one shell, then we perform one exercise, but 3 more approaches.

Male Chest Workout Program – Push-Ups Only

Workout 1

  • Decline push-ups from the floor with a wide grip – 3-5×20
  • Wide grip push-ups – 3-5×20

Workout 2

  • Push-ups – 3×30 sec. + 3×30 sec. + 3×30 sec.

Training program – bars and dumbbells

Workout 1

  • Dumbbell bench press – 3×6
  • Weighted dips – 4×8
  • Dumbbell fly – 1×20

Workout 2

  • Dumbbell bench press – 4×10
  • Lying dumbbell fly – 3×12
  • Dips – 3

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