How to Watch Youtube Videos without Buffering?

Youtube videos without bufferingYoutube videos without buffering

In this guide check out how to watch Youtube videos without Buffering?

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing website on the web. Almost everyone who uses the Internet visits youtube to watch videos regularly. Buffering on youtube is really irritating. Buffering might be due to HD videos or a slow internet connection. So here we have some tricks to watch youtube videos without buffering.

Changing the Video Quality

Low-quality videos load more quickly than high-quality videos. If you select the least quality, the video will load very fast but the clarity of the video will be bad. So select the quality which seems fine to watch instead of watching at high quality.

Pause the video

If you have a very slow internet connection then you can’t do much. So instead of waiting in the middle of the video, start a video and then pause till the grey bar reaches the end which shows that the video is completely loaded. Then you will be able to watch the whole video at once without any interruption.

Use HTML5 player

Go to and check if your browser is using an HTML5 player. Many YouTube videos will play using HTML5 in supported browsers. You can request that the HTML5 player be used if your browser doesn’t use it by default.

Increase the local storage in Flash player

If the video is being played by a flash player then right-click on the video. Then click on settings. You will get a small box. Click on the folder icon. Now you will see a bar where you can increase the local storage. You can drag it completely to the right side to allow maximum storage.

The loaded video is temporarily stored on our computer. By increasing the local storage video will be loaded faster.

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If you know any more tips on watching videos without buffering, please share them in the comments.

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