How does Cable Internet Work?

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A very common question that pops into our head as to how does cable internet works. Most of the revolutionary technical products in this digital era with the way they function leave us curious in the middle of the day and that is perfectly all right. Here we will be shedding some light on the key technical components that make it functional. Though while picking up an internet connection we usually focus on other aspects that are important to us such as internet download and upload speed, charges, and the likes. However, we need to know more about the connection and company we are signing up for.

If not the technical knowledge but customer support that can help you navigate your concerns is crucial. You don’t want to compromise on your work nor entertainment dose so get in touch with Mediacom customer service now. In the following read, we shall be sharing some features that make the cable internet work properly. So, without further delay, let’s get started:

Cable Internet Equipment

There are many operational components to it along with many other things included in it too. Now that we know this fact, let’s analyze the equipment a standard cable internet connection, and also, you might need:

Copper Coaxial Cables:

For transmission of the internet over long distances, fiber optic cables are used by cable companies. Nevertheless, when it reaches your area, they shift to already available copper coaxial cables to complete the journey to the households.


Modem could be defined as a compact automated, digital box that works to receive data from your ISP transmitters and then disseminate it to your residential connection. The DOCSIS modem is a modem that complies with the requirements and thus provides you with a higher speed rate than the former one.

Ethernet cable:

It attaches to your router or computer straight from the modem. It ensures a quick and safer internet as compared to your Wi-Fi.


This part isn’t really essential but why? Because you can access the internet just by making a connection between your computer and the modem by using an Ethernet Cable. You will be needing a router when you wish to link several devices using Ethernet cables or want to have Wi-Fi.

Speed of the cable internet:

Cable internet has an average speed of approximately 100 Mbps yet they still can have low speeds; 1Mbps or even as fast as 1,000 Mbps. Xfinity could also have a speed of around 2,000 Mbps in some areas.  On the other hand, in contrast to the fiber-optic internet that gives equal internet speed, cable internet does not have uniform upload speeds. You will be noticing that the speeds range from 1-50 Mbps mostly. Cable internet can have a speed starting from the lowest mark- 10 Mbps (just like DSL) but most commonly it starts from 25 Mbps and could reach as high as 100 Mbps.

Cable or DSL – in terms of Distance:

One, as well as the other, are excessively susceptible to distance variation. They will attain a slower speed if they need to go on traveling a long distance. But still, the upgraded variants of DSL will reduce it; so as the fiber-optic cable does while providing cable internet to your area.

Anyhow, distance plays a role in both of these.

Cable or DSL – in terms of Bandwidth Sharing

The neighborhood that has the same internet service provider (ISP) as yours, will share a similar cable network, in case of cable internet. This implies that at prime time- when more people are using the internet and online browsing, the speed could possibly drastically decrease. DSL, in comparison, has more steady speeds and you will not have to encounter this problem.

Cable or DSL – in terms of costDSL is comparatively inexpensive and because of this reason, it has higher speed rates.

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Wrapping up:

We hope the above-mentioned article has comforted your interest to learn how cable internet works and you have picked something new from here. Cable internet is the most commonly used type of internet connection throughout the US and across the world as well. Therefore, knowing more about the cable connection is always going to help in one way or another. If you have any interesting information that we haven’t covered here, do share it in the comments section below.

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