Dual SIM Android powered smartphones are more prevalent in many markets worldwide. Dual SIM card slot in phones allows users to make use of call tariff/SMS/data charges of one or the other network. If you change/upgrade your phone, you might need to copy contacts from SIM Card or Phone Storage to SIM card.Copy Contacts

The following is the tutorial to copy contacts from one SIM card to another SIM card on your Android phone. This process also works to copy contacts from Phone storage to SIM card as well.

  • Open Contacts on your Android phone.Contacts Menu
  • Click on Menu button and tap on Import/Export.Import Export Contacts
  • This screen will now show option to “Copy Contacts From”, so select desired the SIM card from which you need to copy the contacts to other and then tap on Next. Since my requirement is copy to contacts in phone memory to SIM 2, I have selected Phone-only.Copy Contacts From
  • Now select the “Copy Contacts to” as the desired location and then tap Next.Copy Contacts To
  • This screen will display contacts in Phone memory. Now you need to tap on respective contacts and then tap on right side bar bottom icon.Copying Contacts
  • Once the contacts are copied you will see the notification in the notification menu.Contacts Copied

So using this method you can copy contacts from –

  • SIM 1 to SIM 2
  • SIM 2 to SIM 1
  • Gmail Contacts to any SIM
  • Phone Storage to any SIM
  • Any SIM to Phone Storage
  • SD card to any SIM
  • Any SIM to SD card