Install WhatsApp on PC without BlueStacks or any Emulator

WhatsApp on PCWhatsApp on PC

The most common application that everyone uses these days for sending messages and different kinds of files is Whatsapp. It is used to send messages, voice notes, audio and video files and of course the pictures. Now one thing that we are all familiar with is that this can only be downloading on the different smart phones. And if one has to download this application on the PC one needs Android Emulators like the BlueStacks. This guide explains how to download WhatsApp for PC without the need of any Android emulators.

WhatsApp on PC

But when they are used for messaging, the can be resource hungry. So instead a low weight and an open source messenger can be used. They are also available for free download. Windows and Linux can take the advantage as the binary build is especially for them.

Hence here is a guide which gives you step by step instructions so that even you can get Whatsapp on your PC:

  1. The latest Pidgin (a universal messaging client) has to be downloaded, the latest version. If the portable version is available, it’s even better (because it lets you copy all at once).
  2. The latest plug-ins by Pidgin has to be downloaded, including third-party Plug-ins for Whatsapp (which is available for Linux 32bit and 64bit and even for Windows 32bit)
  3. The pidgin’s plug-ins sub-directory (i.e. %APPDATA%\.purple\plugins or ~/.purple/plugins). For portable version it’s at x:\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins is where the Win32’s DLL or Linux’s SO file is to be put.
  4. For Pidgin we also have to download Unicode Emoji (which will provide you with the smiley’s)
  5. The ZIP content of the folder has to be extracted and put into purple/Pidgins smiley’s which a sub directory is. (x:\PidginPortable\Data\settings\.purple\smileys is what you need for the portable version)
  6. WART EXE file has to be download, latest version ( we can do this by clicking on ‘download ZIP’ or ‘view raw’)
  7. WART-x.x.x.x.exe has to be run on the computer, followed by registration of the cell phone number.
  8. Followed by which one receives a password and the user name on the phone number that you have registered. This password is required for sighing in Whatsapp every time from your PC. The phone number requires you country code too.
  9. After which Pidgin and Whatsapp Plug-in has to be run on the PC and from preference the ‘Emoji for Pidgin’ has to be selected.
  10. The last and the important step, add your Whatsapp account.

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You have successfully made a Whatsapp account on your PC.

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