How to Increase Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Increase Wi-Fi Signal StrengthIncrease Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Does your Wi-Fi flicker repeatedly for issues like poor device receptivity or a drop in router signals? Quite so often it happens that you start using the Wi-Fi for net connections and are midway in transferring data when things go ka-boom and the connection starts crawling at a frustrating pace. There are 5 strategies that can be taken to address this problem.

Reposition the Router

It’s important to position the router in the right spot. The right location can improve signals coming from the router and ease the fluctuations in Wi-Fi signaling. Remember the higher the router is placed the better would be the signals. Why? It steers the router clear of interference. Best is to mount the router on the wall or top of a high shelf. Generally the room chosen should be at the center of the home or office since radio-wave movement occurs laterally downward.

Configure Security

If too many devices use the Wi-fi network it can slow the connection so make sure your router security settings are activated so that the network is not accessed by people located around the home/ office. This also prevents the unwarranted use of Wi-fi for the illegal download of movies or other stuff. When you’re mobile the changes made to router security features may not be as relevant. Here receptivity of Wi-fi takes a front seat.

Use the Right App

Improve your Wi-wi receptivity by loading up some of the many free apps available for the Android, iOS and Windows platforms. The ‘Wife Booster’ is one such app. It automatically refreshes the connection to the closest wi-fi signal ensuring your connection gets maximum signal strength. The app also performs a constant analysis of the connection letting you know how your location within a room affects the speed so you can make changes accordingly. Another app- WiFi Signal Booster specifically works for Android devices.

Remove Causes of Interference

Check whether the area where you’ve kept the router has stuff that could be interfering with the wi-fi signal. This could include anything using radio waves for operation, like cordless phones, remote controls, microwave ovens, baby monitors, and alarms.

You may not be aware that there are things like the metal covers of a DVD player or computer’s metal case that block signals. These items should be kept at least 15 feet from your router.

Fashion an Amplifier

You can use simple tricks like fashioning a soda can into a highly effective amplifier for the router’s antenna. Cut out can bottom and remove tab keeping can-top intact and using the open part for its base. Make vertical incisions downward along can and cut some part around the top. Place router’s antenna via the hole in the base and secure it using a removable adhesive.

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