How to Edit Instagram Videos

How to Edit Videos on InstagramHow to Edit Videos on Instagram

Instagram is the most prominent app of today’s time. It is no more an app for photo sharing. It is an app that builds your image, brand and builds a big community. Instagram comes with Stories, Reels, IGTV features that give the user a great option to try on.

Overall, Instagram is a fruitful app that helps you connect with your people. Instagram video is of three types Instagram feed video (60 seconds), Instagram Reel Video (15, 30, and 60 seconds), and IGTV video (long format video 1 hour or more). You can share your daily life and positively engage with your community.

Hence, it is a big thing for you. So, you are making an Instagram video or thinking to make one. Then, editing videos must be a question.

Here Are the Basic Steps to Edit Instagram Video

Step 1: open the raw video on the editing tool

Step 2: then cut out the unwanted part from the main footage

Step 3: change the brightness, contrast to adjust your eyes

Step 4: Add transition that goes with the video

Step 5: Add filters if you want one

Step 6: Add texts if your video demands

Steps 7: Now Export and Save.

Step 8: Upload the video.

Importance of Video Content

It is the generation of video content. People love video content because it’s engaging, exciting, and motivating. Hence, Instagram users, especially the influencers and brands, use this video content to connect strongly with the community. It makes the audience happy when they post relevant video content that touches and answers their queries. Video content is a great marketing strategy that helps you grow your brand.

Which Tool to Use to Edit Instagram Video

Add Filter with Instagram App

When you upload the video to your feed, you can use the inbuilt filters of Instagram to edit the videos. It makes the audience go wow on your video. For this, you do not have to be a pro to edit videos.


It is one of the best editing apps, and there are many filters and presets that you can use to edit videos. Apart from photos, you can even edit videos with this Instagram video editor. It gives an aesthetic feel to the video that you will love to create an image.

The adjustments like brightness, contrast, and temperature will help you create a great effect. The adjustments help you keep the aesthetic level high. It is a paid tool that gives innumerable features.


The editing tool is super friendly, and you can create an awesome video in just less than ten minutes. It is affordable, quick, and easy to edit any video on this editing tool. You can edit text, text to video, visuals, and even your stuff to edit videos. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to edit any video.

There are more than 400+ templates online that you can use. Also, you can make videos from articles. The AI of the editing tool makes it possible. You can use no crop app for Instagram image cropping.

Color Story App

In this app, there are innumerable filters, and hence editing makes it easy and fun. You can open the app, select the section album, select the video clip, open it, and then add filters you love to add to the video.

Then, when you are done, you can check the preview and see how the final video comes in. Then, save it in your camera and upload it as per schedule. It is easily available in-app store, and you can even buy the app for additional filter use.


The Inshot app is another one that gives an incredible touch to your video. You can add texts and even animation to text. Also, there are some funny stickers that you can use to make the video more interesting. The InShot app is an easy-to-use app that fulfills your need to edit amazing Instagram videos.


The good thing about this app is that you can get watermark free video even in the free version. How cool is it? The user-friendly interface makes video editing easy and fun. You can edit any video on the go. There is no hassle, and it makes it easy and reliable. You can select crop to check the aspect ratio of the video, and accordingly, you can edit.


iMovie is the best for desktop, and if you are comfortable with desktop editing, then this is just the right choice. You can download the tool and start editing the clip. Add filter as per your choice, and then you can export and save the file.

Filmora Go

The Filmora Go is the best editing tool that helps you edit the video in a great way. Choose the aspect ratio and import your video clips and start editing. It is a great way to edit videos for Instagram. You can make a clone video on Filmora too, which is an incredible option.


Editing is not a tough task, but you need a little practice to make your video awesome. Editing with all the above editing tools is easy, and you need basic knowledge to edit videos. They are super reliable, and you can use them any time you want. If you are still unsure about editing, you can follow the guide online that will give you some references about editing.

You can read blogs from prominent editors and understand how editing works. Instagram is a great platform for you to connect with your audience. Take this chance to create awesome videos, and it even helps you become the master of your niche. It is a win-win situation when you upload creative, unique content under your niche.

How to Grow Instagram Account

Now that you have the list of editing tools do not waste your time and take the chance to edit your first video. It will make you happy, and, with time and practice, you can edit the best video for Instagram. Remember to stay consistent if you want your community to watch your videos because Instagram works. Consistency is the key to creating good video content under your niche.

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