9 Proven Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

Grow instagram accountsGrow instagram accounts

It takes consistent effort to gain free Instagram likes. If you have just started your account then it is going to be additionally difficult. Promoting an existing account, however, is relatively easier.

Here are 9 proven ways that can help you get followers on Instagram instantly.

  1. Like and Comment on Other Accounts

Liking and commenting on some other account on Instagram can take some time but you have to do it consistently to get favorable results. You simply visit an account that is relevant to your niche like a few of their photos probably 4-5 and leave an authentic comment. This increases your presence on the platform gets followers.

  1. Make Creative Photo Themes

Once you engage with people they tend to visit and check out your account. This is where you have to make them stay. Create a unique theme for your Instagram account and add some supportive words. Once you have chosen a theme stick to it and keep it fresh.

  1. Be Excessively Social

Instagram is a social media platform so be hyper-social. Take interest in what people are posting, thinking, saying, or feeling. If they leave a comment on your account, be sure to reply. Try to avoid robotic responses and just be yourself.

  1. Create and Promote Hashtags

Hashtags are pretty helpful in bringing visitors to your account and build an active community. Use specific hashtags and encourage people to use them too. You could repost images from your followers with proper credits using just the hashtags.

This makes them appreciate your interest.

  1. Initiate a Contest

Get people talking about your platform and raise the stakes by putting up something you can give away as a prize. Have the contestants tag images or post from your account after following you.

  1. Tell Stories on Instagram

Over 400 million users check Instagram stories on daily basis. But you need to be creative and tell as many interesting stories as possible through the Instagram stories feature. Ask questions, give opinions, or even share GIFs and music to connect with your followers on a deeper level.

  1. Encourage your Fan Following to Take an Action

Ask your followers to do something as simple as sharing a quote or taking a poll. This is the perfect way of gaining more and more engagements and ultimately free Instagram likes.

  1. Try Geo Tagging

Post photos of places, cafes, restaurants, malls, or anywhere interesting you visit, and remember to geo-tag them. This way people with the same geo-tags, can easily follow you.

  1. Track your Audience’s Preferences

Make time to conduct some research and find out what your audience likes or dislikes. Using Analytics can be really helpful to find out which posts or photos are popular on your account, then you can try to recreate more with the same idea.

Try to approach other popular users and collaborate with them to get followers on Instagram instantly. ‘Guest contributor for the day’ is a form of mutually beneficial collaboration among popular Instagrammers.

Try these proven techniques and start getting more followers today.

This post was last modified on December 18, 2022 10:27 AM

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