Download WhatsApp Profile Picture & Save on iPhone/Android Phones

Download WhatsApp profile pictureDownload WhatsApp profile picture

In this guide check out how to Download WhatsApp Profile Pictures of your friends and save it on your iOS/Android phones easily.

Are you using WhatsApp for your constant connectivity with friends and family and rue the fact that you can’t use a WhatsApp profile-pic of a WhatsApp connected friend as the image for his contact details on your device? Unfortunately, WhatsApp still hasn’t enabled this feature and it isn’t likely to add it to its kitty of updates in some time to come.

This is really unbelievable since the cross-platform messaging app allows you instant access to friends and can be quickly downloaded on OS platforms of all types- the Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS, Android, and Symbian. The app really uses the internet connectivity on the device to let you shoot across messages to other Whatsapp users. And if the Facebook profile pics or Gmail pics can get saved on contact list photos along with contact details why deprive the millions of Whatsapp fans of a similar and simple function?

Like many other tricks for different smartphone devices and apps, there’s one for this seemingly impossible task too! Using a simple method you can save the WhatsApp saved profile pic of any contact on your iOS or Android device.

Save WhatsApp Friends Profile Pics

Steps to Save the WhatsApp Friend Profile Pic As Contact Pic:

On Android

Go to and open WhatsApp. Now, head to chat-screen of a specific contact you want to save profile pictures of. Tap on his name and let the contact’s detailed information load on to device screen. Open his profile picture in the Full-screen mode by tapping directly on the profile picture.

You can now close the app and exit. Go through ‘My Files‘ > WhatsApp > Profile pictures. Here you’ll find the profile picture that has been viewed.

Download the picture from this location directly onto the phone and later upload it as the individual’s contact image.

On iOS

The method for saving WhatsApp profile picture on-device contact details is really simple. Open app on the iOS device, tap on chat screen and then on the WhatsApp friend’s profile picture which you’ll be able to spot on the upper-right side of the contact description.
Go to contact info page and tap on the friend’s profile picture again, for opening it on full screen. On an upper-right side, the image icon will get displayed. Tap on this icon and choose the option for ‘Save image’. This saves the image to device ‘Photos‘ from where it can now be saved as contact image of the friend or be transferred to the PC using iTunes.

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