How To Buy Water Economically At Home – A Way To Save More Money

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Last month’s water bill shocked you, didn’t it? That’s why you decide it’s time for a change. So, how to buy water economically at home? Let’s find out now.

In these difficult economic times, many families have a big headache with their high water bills. They are rushing to find a solution to reduce this cost. If that is your case, then seeking help from this post is the right choice! 

Continue reading to find out how to buy water economically at home and other related information!

How To Buy Water Economically At Home

Get Rid Of Your Bottled Water Habits

Undeniably, retailers know how to market their products and understand consumer psychology very deeply. Water brands like Evian are a good example of making consumers believe in their product quality and willing to pay ten more times to buy a very ordinary product like drinking water.

But we are not here to criticize you for falling into the consumerism trap because you are not the only one!

But it’s never too late to change. To start spending more wisely, the first thing you need to do is stop using small bottled water products like Evian. Instead, start using boiled water at home! This seems like a very simple thing, but it will save you a lot of money.

Bulk Bottled Water

Ok, to give up a habit is not easy, is it? 

We completely understand that because many people cannot live without bottled water. They just feel safe and convenient using them. Yet, if you still want to keep the old habits but save more money, try bulk bottled water.

In terms of business, buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying retail. The reason is that the cost of packaging will be reduced, the shipping cost will also decrease. Take advantage of this principle to save water costs for your family!

Some might argue that this is not as convenient as buying in small bottles; it’s also easy to understand that. Still, you can completely solve it by pouring the water into a small bottle and carrying it around. In this way, you both save money on water costs and reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Pour the water into small bottles for convenience!

Buy A Home Filtration System

If you are used to pure bottled water and are concerned about water quality from the factory, a filtration system is a great choice. To be more specific, modern water purifiers with RO reverse osmosis technology and MF microfiltration membranes are capable of:

  • Completely eliminate bacteria and viruses that cause disease.
  • Filter out all heavy metals, and add minerals necessary for health.
  • Completely remove chemicals and pesticide residues in water.

A water purifier will help contribute to health protection, as it will strengthen the resistance and eliminate toxins in the body. Moreover, one filter can give you the same clean water as 16.9 bottles of water. It has the same taste and the same quality for the price of 1/17th of bottled water like Evian. Very cost-effective, isn’t it?

Cook With Less Water

Water is an indispensable ingredient in cooking. As such, we’re not asking you to cut back on water altogether, but instead, use it more smartly.

Start by turning off the faucet between washing vegetables when you are washing a lot of vegetables in a row, or do it in a full tub/ basin instead of under running water.

Besides, when cooking food, you should use the appropriate size of the pot to avoid using more water than necessary. Just by doing one little step at a time and the result might surprise you! 

Take A Shower, Not A Bath

Obviously, using a shower will save a lot of water than a bath.

The capacity of a typical bathtub is about 36 gallons of water. You will need to fill that amount of water, shower, and then continue using the shower to cleanse your body. Meanwhile, showering will only use about two-thirds as much water as taking a bath.

If you install a low-flow showerhead, you can save up to 3 gallons of water every minute. A family in the US will typically spend about $474 a year on water costs. Suppose you use water properly in the toilet; you can save up to 30% of the money, which is about $142 a year. 

It may not sound like a large amount of money. But you will save up a large amount of money to use for other purposes by gradually accumulating.

Also, shower a little faster to avoid wasting water. It would be best not to bring your phone into the bathroom and take a shower while watching movies or texting. This not only saves time but also helps lower your water bill.

Use Your Dishwasher Properly

Dishwashers are also a big factor in your water bill. They consume more water than you think!

To make sure you use it wisely, don’t start the dishwasher when there are only a few dishes. When there are too few dirty dishes, it is better to wash them by hand as it always uses less water. 

If there are better economic conditions, you should initially invest in a new generation dishwasher if the one at home is too old. Specifically, innovative machines can reduce water consumption by up to 10 gallons at a time. This is a good investment for the long term as the product’s price usually hovers around $500, but it can save you $35 on water per month compared to older generations.

Watering The Lawn Wisely

More is not always good; it is the same with watering your lawn.

Particularly, over-watering plants can lead to plant death due to submerged roots or create an environment for mold and insects to destroy your lawn.

We recommend you to use an adequate amount of water and water every other day. If possible, equip an automatic watering system, automatically estimating the amount of water needed for each watering.

How To Buy Water Economically At Home: Conclusion

It is a longer too hard to save more water at home, isn’t it? Even though these tips are all seemingly small, they can actually save you a lot of money. Try them out and wait to see the amazing results when you get your water bill next month.

Thank you all for reading, and hope to see you soon.

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