How to Choose & Install a Bathtub for Kids


One of the highlights of the day is bath time, many enjoy it and few feels its boring to take bath. The important thing is the safety of you and comfort in bathing are the primary necessity. There are many types, models and options for the bath tub for your baby, choose between them.

Bathtub For Kids Ideas

Here are the amazing idea for having a creative bathroom bathtub –

  • Bath 3 in 1: You have a bucket with a rigid foam protective padding. This flexible to your child’s age because it has a hammock. It has three positions. The border security prevents the baby out. Pad the edges so that parents support your arms comfortably. The drain may be for dump or tube.
  • Antibacterial: This kind of bathtub prevents mold and microbes settle in the plastic tub. Furthermore, anatomical design allows perfect adaptation to the baby’s body with great comfort. The drain is overturned.
  • Swing: Comfortable, ergonomic. The angle of the backrest is designed to match the baby’s head is higher than the rest of the body and always keep your back straight. Their protective padding increase comfort and safety of the baby. The case can be removed and machine washable.
  • Folding: From birth to age two. It’s perfect for travel, but also to guard the fold through the center and get a small size (44 × 54x15cm). Base inflatable with recline for newborns.
  • Supra-bath: it sits on the bathtub of adults and serves for almost all models. Its edges are rounded so that the person responsible to bathe the child can do easily integrated soap dish included. The drain plug is
  • Inflatable ergonomic shape: Secure as a rigid tray, but perfect for travel. It comes equipped with a spacer and a cushion to bathe your baby from day one. When the baby grows to be independent of both the separator and the cushion can be removed and the tub has more ability. It has a hold fast at the base to allow hanging the tub to dry faster. The drain is overturned.
  • Amplitude: PVC bath and small size a fish folded structure. This bathtub provides a great stability and security of installation. You can crank up the bidet, thus saving space in the bathroom. The stand is metal. Drain through a large diameter pipe
  • Scissors Bath: Bath with folding scissors. Lower tray has a practical as well as four compartments front to have on hand all necessary and required for washing the baby. Drainage is an anatomical bucket.
  • Splash: Bath with front pocket, padded changing webs and lower tray slides. It is foldable and can be placed on the bidet and not occupy too much space.
  • Hydro baby Removable changer with bathtub extensible for use on the tub: Your tray allows use in infants from zero to 12 months of age. With rubber slip and slide more integrated.

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I hope that we are pretty clear in selecting a Bathtub for Kids.

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