Shared vs VPS Comparison – Which Hosting to Choose

For almost 6 months now, our traffic has been strucked on a level. It has neither seen an incline nor it declined. Furthermore our website never ranked for top keywords as we were only dominant on long-tail keywords. Due to this, I had to research on what could be the possible problem and I happen to come across Neil Patel post on QuickSprout site explaining how load time can affect your website ranking.Shared vs VPS HostingShared vs VPS Hosting

HostGator Shared vs VPS Comparison

Google has taken account of each website loading speed in ranking websites from April 2010. There we came to know that major problem is with our current web hosting. I have HostGator Reseller hosting pack on which I hosted a number of sites like Ads Advices, Firefox Advices, Tec Advices, How Do I Update and Best Advices.

What was the Problem

The big problem was that my site was on Shared hosting plan wherein all the server resources are shared among different hosted websites and also assigned web-hosting IP was shared with above mentioned blogs. Furthermore, I came to know about advantages of using dedicated IP. So the major problems with shared hosting are –

  • Server resources are shared
  • You may have website down time
  • IP address is also shared

Moving out from Shared Hosting

From past two to three weeks I have been several web hosting solutions like moving on top VPS or cloud or dedicated servers. Dedicated Servers or Cloud hosting starts normally from $100 per month and we can’t afford it, so we had to stick with VPS. I took 10 days to select a VPS host for our website and finally I think as found it right with Knownhost. There was option of directly upgrading from HostGator Shared hosting to VPS plan by paying $20 a month but expert reviews shows that HostGator is never really among the top VPS hosting provider, so I had to move out. Our confusion was in choosing SiteGround Cloud hosting or Knownhost. What it was pulling us back from buying Knownhost is that it doesn’t have full-time live chat support while SiteGround has it own pros by paying $78 as you get cloud hosting. On the other side of same comparison, Knownhost has excellent ticket support and community forum too has good response, beside pricing happens to be fair and simple.

KnowHost VPS Plans

The following are the Knownhost VPS plans –

So we ordered VPS-2 plan where in cPanel/WHM costs $5 per month additional and there was discount of 15% via coupon code KH15LIFE was running for life time. This coupon code is still up for any VPS provider.

Website Loading Speed

Our now loads in 0.68 seconds with totals requests standing at 48. This has been major improvement just as you move from Shared hosting to VPS hosting. With

Performance Improvements

Certainly there are performance improvements as well on VPS hosting as we can now edit articles, navigate through WP-Admin options faster than ever before.

So that was brief outlook on shared vs vps hosting comparison as passes through that phase of development. Do check out for Knownhost review coming up in few days.

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