7 Best Feng Shui Accessories Tips for Wealth, Vaastu, and Health

Best Feng Shui AccessoriesBest Feng Shui Accessories

Feng Shui accessories are quite popular around the world. They are quite pretty and enhance the beauty of the house as well. They are not only important from the decor point of view but they are considered to be one of the best sources of positive energy. Do give this post a read and make your home and your life more beautiful!

In this post, we are sharing a few Feng Shui accessories tips

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is a symbol of wealth, luck and happiness. It helps in maintaining a happy atmosphere at home. Laughing Buddha protects you from evil eyes and keeps all the hurdles away from the path. The smiling face of laughing Buddha makes it look very delightful.

It is very important to place laughing Buddha at the right place. The best place for laughing Buddha is in the front of the main door of your living room.

It’s the best Feng Shui accessories for wealth and money.

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Feng Shui Fountains

Fountains are another popular Fang Shui product for the money. It is believed that it brings wealth and happiness to the family. Northeast or south-east is the directions in which fountains can be placed.

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Feng Shui Crystals

It is believed that crystals absorb all the negativity and brings positive energy into the home. It is advisable to dip all the crystals in rock salt and keep it in sun for few days before using it. Crystals can be placed in the North-East, South-West or you can place it in the center of the home as well.

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Feng Shui Golden Turtle for Money

This feng shui accessory is very popular accessory. It is believed that it brings 8 types of luck. Keep this accessory in any corner of the house. In living room, you can place in South-East direction for finance luck.


Jade Plants for Money & Luck

It brings prosperity and wealth to the family and should be placed in South-East direction. Jade plants should always be used in pairs.

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Feng Shui Wealth Vase

It is considered to be one of the best accessories that bring wealth and fame to its owner. The wealth vase contains 6 different types of stones. It should always be placed in South-West direction or North-East direction in a secret cupboard.

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Feng Shui Education Tower

Education tower is considered to be best for enhancing knowledge. The best place to place this education tower for positive energy is the North-East corner of the study table.

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So those were some of the best Feng Shui accessories that you can buy online.

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