Various Types of Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsDental Implants

Even though you get a regular dental checkup, you might require dental implants. This is a surgical fitting that is hooked on a person’s jawbone and permitted to connect with the bone for a couple of months. A dental implant functions as a substitute for the missing tooth’s root. Therefore, the false tooth roots serve to hold a replacement bridge or tooth.

Getting a dental implant linked your jawbone is the closest thing to imitating a no-artificial tooth because its stability is great and can sit by itself without disturbing the surrounding teeth. The fusion process between the jawbone and dental implant is known as osseointegration.

A lot of implants are developed from titanium and zirconia, which permits them to join in with bone and not get recognized as an external object in your body.

The Types of Dental Implants and Their Uses

There have only been two kinds of dental implants:

  • Endosteal – This refers to implants which are inside the jaw bone
  • Subperiosteal – This refers to implants that rest on the upper area of the jaw bone under the tissue of the gum.

Today subperiosteal implants are no longer used due to their poor long-term outcomes compared to endosteal dental implants.

While the main function of dental implants is replacing teeth, there are other different places where implants can help in dental procedures. Due to their stability, dental implants can be used for supporting removable dentures and offer a more comfortable and safe fit. Additionally, a dental mini-implants can act as a temporary anchorage device for orthodontic procedures to assist transfer a tooth to the preferred position. This mini-implant is tiny and is temporarily fixed to the bone while moving.

Oral hygiene

For people that have tooth loss because of gum disease or decay of the lower or upper arch, a choice is available to offer an absolutely comfortable and stable prosthesis by the use of fewer numbers of implants.

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The All On Four technique is an example that was named by a popular implant producer. This procedure gets the name from the inkling that four implants are to be used for replacement of all teeth in a single lower or upper arch. The four implants are tactically placed in spots of great bone strength, and a very thin denture prosthesis is attached into place.

The All On four system offers a stable and non-removable teeth replacement, which is steady and appears similar to your natural teeth compared to the traditional removable method. This method of implantation has brought about more options for treatment for replacing single and numerous missing teeth with perfect stability and donates to enhanced oral hygiene.

Dental implants can be used for replacing a single tooth, a couple of teeth, or all of the teeth. The mission for replacing teeth in dentistry is for restoring esthetics as well as function. There are generally three choices when it comes to tooth replacement: A dental implant, a fixed or cemented bridge, and a removable dental appliance (partial or complete denture).

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