How to Heal Your Fatty Liver

Fatty LiverFatty Liver

Your liver is perhaps one of the most important parts of your body. It’s quite small, which is probably why so many people tend to take it for granted. However, it remains responsible for one of the most important functions of your body. It’s what keeps your body from getting affected too much by all the dirt that gets into your body after you drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette. The liver also stores energy for you. It also aids in digestion.

Heal Fatty Liver

And when you get a fatty liver, you’re going to experience a lot of problems. The first thing that you need to do is to determine the type of fatty liver that you have. There are different kinds of fatty livers and knowing which one you have in particular will help you deal with it more. The type of fatty liver that you have can be identified through a blood test and your doctor’s diagnosis. The fatty liver type will indicate how bad the condition is and how you’re going to go about treatment. Most of the fatty liver types are caused by excessive alcohol intake, which are actually the more toxic types, but the non-alcohol-related variant called the Reyes Syndrome is also something not to be taken lightly.

But regardless of whether you’ve identified the type of condition or not, you know already that you have to cut down on most of your vices. You need to let go of wine and smoking if you don’t want to be the direct cause of the worsening of your own condition. It’s going to be difficult, but if you intend to live longer you’re going to have to deal with it. Also, don’t think that just because your fatty liver isn’t the alcoholic type means you can still take alcohol. Remember, your liver is already weakened at this state – the last thing you want is to let it take heavy punishment from strong alcoholic substances.

This means avoiding smokes and all sorts of air pollutants as well. These things can be too much for your liver to handle at its states. Learn to visit and spend time in places that have really fresh air. It may not directly heal your liver, but it will keep your body healthy overall. If you have to deal with toxic fumes and the like, be sure to wear a mask or cover your nose.

Caring for your skin on the outside also helps, because it means that your liver won’t have to deal with more toxic stuff that gets into your body.

Lastly, don’t forget to always visit and listen to your doctor. He or she will be able to keep your treatment in check and guide you through the healing process. If you’re unsure whether something you will do will affect your liver, then consult your doctor first.

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