Acute Mania Treatment, Signs, Diet, Guidelines

Acute Mania treatmentAcute Mania treatment

Check Acute Mania treatment, signs, stages, diet, etreatment & guideline.

First of all let’s know what is mania? Mania generally refers to the sudden or abnormal arousal of elevated energy within oneself. They are classified as acute and long-term manias. Acute mania is universally also known as bipolar disorder in adults or mixed episode as termed by many professional health gurus.

Acute Mania Treatment

Just like most of the other medical conditions, even an acute mania condition must be treated by relying upon correct diagnosis procedures. First of all before getting it treated to make sure the symptoms are completely managed and you assess every single detail about the bipolar disorder that you have.

Anyone can determine if he or she is suffering from acute mania if the following signs show:

  1. Lack of sleep and hunger but yet a dramatic rise in energy levels.
  2. Feeling invincible and numerous thought occurring.
  3. A distraction of mind and irritability are some of the most common signs.
  4. Aggressive and violent behaviors against others.
  5. Discrete sexual behaviors can also show as a sign in some people.

These are some of the basic signs and symptoms that you must actually make account of.

Diet to Control Acute Mania

Acute mania can be controlled with a good diet and a few healthy habits. There are many foods that constitute this purpose. Doctors mostly suggest consumption of foods such as Whole grains, Fish, Berries, fresh fruits, herbal tea and dairy products during this period.

Treatment of Acute Mania

The basic thing aspect that you must cover while treating acute mania is the safety and well-being of the victim and others too. The treatment basically deals with controlling the symptoms such as uncharacteristic or violent behaviors. Well most of the people who suffer from such a condition experience dangerous hallucinations and delusions that might risk their own lives or other that surround them. Hence determining whether they need to be hospitalized is highly essential. However, most of the doctor would even suggest a person with the mildest of manias to get hospitalized and this is because they value their lives.

A person with a severe condition must undergo detention and sectioning upon admission into a hospital. In these cases the people mostly lose their insights into the situation. The treatment gets much simpler for a person who has a mild mania and has a better insight.

Acute Stabilisation

Acute stabilization is one of the most trusted ways of treating an acute mania and some of the common goals during this phase are as follows:

  • To support the patients by keeping them in a friendly environment.
  • Effective advice and support for the patient’s family and loved ones must be given.
  • To provide the right medication at the right doses to control agitation or other symptoms of acute mania.
  • To make all aspects of the diagnosis procedure clear.

These are the various goals that you must keep in mind while treating a bipolar disorder.

Hope this article revealed the reality of acute mania to you.

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