How To Heal Disease by Eating Raw Foods

Quick words on how to heal diseases by eating RAW foods.

We’ve always been told that it’s better to always eat our food cooked. While that’s generally true, there are actual benefits to consuming food that is raw as well. This is because the food would be in its unaltered state, that is, it keeps all the nutrients that it contains. Cooking, while it prepares the food for consumption, can reduce the nutritional content of the food.Raw FruitsRaw Fruits

In fact, countries like Japan are known for making the most delicious preparations of raw food, and are thus known as for the Okinawa centenarian community. They eat most of their food raw and don’t rely on preservatives at all.

While raw food isn’t exactly your ticket to an ultimate diet, you will definitely gain a lot from learning how to integrate some raw food in your diet. They’ll at least prevent you from being more susceptible to certain diseases and make your immune system overall.

It’s important to keep in mind that raw food doesn’t always mean fish or seafood. Herbs and most other vegetables are also classified as and are actually eating by many in their raw state.

For one thing, you lessen your susceptibility to the well known risks of eating processed foods. Going vegan is one approach to eating raw food, and that will dramatically increase your resistance to most illnesses. You don’t know it, but even when you consumer only a few preservatives and other substances used in processing food, you still compromise your health in one way or another.

Herbs like lavender and rosemary have always had many therapeutic uses. They help you distress, provide you with concentrated yet natural vitamins and minerals, and serve as a direct and natural remedy in many cases. They’re also very easy to prepare and much easier to consume. They are light on the stomach and, if you develop a liking to it, you can never suffer from having too much of it.

Stuff like shark supplements and oatmeal are jam packed with Omega 3 – an essential nutrient in preventing most heart and cardio problems. To maximize the potency of the substance, Omega 3 is often recommended to be consumers in their most raw state.

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Going on a raw food diet also spares you from having to eat less healthy types of meat like pork or beef, which are usually not eaten raw anyway. It’s always good to have a fish diet – you get a good dose of protein without all the fatty stuff you get exposed to with pork or beef.

Of course, don’t forget to drink lots of water and compliment your diet with physical activities for exercise. After all, a good diet is only a portion of the battle to a healthy body and lifestyle overall.

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