Best Indian Diet Plan for Quick Weight Loss

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Are you overweight and want to reduce your weight? Don’t worry! We are here to help you! A typical Indian diet plan for perfect for weight loss in quick time. Just by following this wonderful Indian diet for both men and women, you will definitely experienced amazing results in a very short period.

Best Indian Diet Plan

We know that the requirements of each and every individual is different and there are many factors like age, sex level of activity, metabolism, height, weight, medical condition on which diet for effective weight loss depends. Therefore, it is always be better to calculate BSR {Basal metabolic rate}. This BMR will help in determining the minimum calorie for the body.

Calorie deficit by eating lower calorie is the basic metabolism for weight loss. 1200 to 1800 calorie is the minimum calorie requirement for the body. This is ideal calorie consumption for the body and the intake of calorie below this level is always be dangerous for the body.

A few benefits of Indian diet plan for weight lose are –

  1. Experience amazing results in a very short span of time
  2. You can enjoy your favorite dishes during this diet plan
  3. Very simple and easy to follow

1200 Calorie Diet Menu

It is said that the secret of beautiful and perfect figure is always lies in the diet. 5 to 6 small and healthy meals per day rather than 3 heavy meals is always an ideal way to have slim-trim figure and also for a perfect weight. The idea behind the 5 to 6 small meal is that it helps the body in boosting metabolism. The 1200 calorie diet plan also works on the same principle.

1200 calorie diet plan is to be divided into 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that contains 300 calories each, a total of 900 calories. You can take remaining 900 calories from fresh fruits, soups and healthy beverages between these meals. Try to consume whole grains or unprocessed foods like leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and dairy products in your meal or as snacks. Always try to avoid starchy and unprocessed foods like potato, cabbage, and rice etc. Multivitamin and calcium rich supplements also help in 1200 calorie diet plan.

Indian Diet Menu for Weight Loss

Well, the calorie requirements of each and every individual are different. Here, I am discussing a generalized 1200 calorie Indian diet plan for the purpose of weight loss that includes dishes of both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian. So, before following this Indian diet plan, it is always advisable to consult your dietician first.

1200 Calorie Sample India Diet Plan for Vegetarians

Many options are available for vegetarians as they can go for pulses, lentils, vegetables, cottage cheese (paneer) in their diet. All these food are good source of vitamin, mineral, protein and calcium. A sample vegetarian Indian diet plan for the weight loss includes –


Foods To Eat


Early Morning 1 glass Lukewarm Water with Honey or Lemon 0
Green or Black Tea without Sugar + 2 Biscuits 90
Breakfast 2 Rotis without butter + 1/2 cup Paneer Curry 330
A plate Brown or White Bread Upma + 1 cup Milk( without fat) 300
Mid-Morning 1 Banana/20 Grapes /Half cup Melon 50
Lunch 1 Cup Brown Rice + 1/2 cup Mixed Vegetables + 1 small bowl of Raita + Salad 1 bowl 345
Evening Butter Milk 1 cup 35
Dinner 2 Rotis ( without butter) + 1 bowl Salad + 1 bowl of Vegetable Soup 370


1220/1190 Cal

India Diet Plan for Non Vegetarians

The 1200 calorie diet plan for non vegetarians is same as that for vegetarians. The only difference in both the Indian diet plan is the replacement of non vegetarians’ dishes with the vegetarian dishes. Eggs, fish and chicken are the new includes in the Indian diet plan for non vegetarians. Try to avoid red meat as red meat contains saturated fats in a large quantity which is not at all good for those who want to lose weight and wants a perfect figure.

So this typical Indian diet plan will definitely shed you extra pounds in quick time.

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