How to Heal Diseases through Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan MedicineTibetan Medicine

There is not just one but there are a number of ways to do a thing. Some of the diseases in science are still unanswered and they still remain in metaphysics[things in which science doesn’t believe because there is no evidence or proof to prove it]. Here we go through discussion on how to heal diseases through the popular Tibetan Medicine.

Healing Through Tibetan Medicine

Eastern world still believes in spiritual healing. Tibetan Medicine refers to a medical practice that’s commonly observed in the East. It’s comprised of physical treatment that is intended to result to the healing of both one’s emotional and mental health. It’s treated as a holistic mode of medication due to the fact that it’s aimed at keeping diseases at bay and promoting a much healthier lifestyle.

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan medicine can be used to maintain a healthy body as well as to compliment whatever present treatment or medication you may be taking for your condition. It makes healing much more efficient.

Here are a couple of guidelines that you will need to know while using this approach of Tibet medicine –

Know the Root Cause

Your first task is to always determine the root cause of your condition. Tibetan medicine classifies these causes into two parts, namely the long-term and short-term causes. Long terms factors usually revolve around the three types of negative energy, such as ignorance, hate, and desire.

As for short-term factors, these include sickness, the wrong diet, and injuries. These factors are said to have a direct effect on your body. Consulting an expert in Tibetan medicine might help you identify these factors more.

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Tibetan Medicine Tests

There will be a couple of tests that you will have to go through in order to get a diagnosis. These are a urinalysis, a pulse check and an eye exam. You’ll need to see an actual practitioner of Tibetan medicine to make sure some of these tests are done right.

While the urinalysis can simply be done by observing the color and odor of your urine, the eye exam entails an assessment on one’s sclera. These professionals will be able to give you a right diagnosis.

Change in Daily Habits

You might also be recommended a change of lifestyle. Your diet might have to change and so would other habits mentioned by the physician as well. Also get rid of any drinking habits you may have. The holistic medication of Tibetan medicine demands it. A positive change in attitude and lifestyle is essential to one’s healing.

Tibet Treatment

You might also read more on the advanced factors of Tibetan medicine by going through books, eBooks found on Internet. Look around and check how Tibetan medication really works. Stuff like med baths, enemas, hot springs, and very hot and cold therapies. Certain therapies even touch the spiritual aspect of your life and use it to treat mental and physical stress.

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As mentioned before, the main goal of Tibetan medicine is to help people live longer and happier by improving their lives in general. They promise both short and long term benefits.

However, Tibetan medicine doesn’t cover all forms of treatment. You still need to see a doctor for whatever procedure that you might need to undergo. You may not recover from conditions overnight, but they generally helped.

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