Best Paracetamol Alternatives

Paracetamol is a globally recognized pill that is most often consumed by people to get rid of everyday pain and stress. This helps them get back to their normal life pretty quickly. However most of the painkillers are believed to possess a lot of side effects which show signs later and this too is one of them & people are considering Paracetamol alternative. However most of the physicians claim Paracetamol to be safe but even a safe pill can turn fatal when it is consumed Paracetamol alternative - natural, homeobest Paracetamol alternative - natural, homeo

Paracetamol Alternatives

Panadol UK believes that this pill works in the brain where the production of pain and inflammation occurs but it is supposedly believed to have no effect on inflammation. Pain is something that most of us suffer from everyday and rather than running for a Paracetamol we should find a genuine way to treat the actual cause. Paracetamol however just relieves the pain and does not give a damn about what the cause is.

In the long run even Paracetamol is said to produce side effects which include deadly conditions such as liver damage or even liver failure. Some common effects of this pill are nausea and vomiting, skin rashes, blood disorders and inflammation of the pancreas. A UK report from 2012 even showed that people who regularly intake Paracetamol and other medicines cause more pain to themselves than relief.

Most of the people today live in the misconception that Paracetamol is Harmless. However they know very less regarding the natural alternatives that will help them relief pain in a much safer way.

Some of the Best alternatives of Paracetamol tablets consumption are –

Homeopathic Treatment

It is considered to be one of the safest and best ways of curing pain. It even has a rich history and people practicing homeopathy have also gained a lot of appreciation and success in the medicine field. The biggest benefit of getting treated with a homeopathic procedure is that it will cure the pain completely and will immediately focus on curing the underlying cause too.

Homeopathic medicine will even abolish the need of consuming a Paracetamol and it is highly used to cure pain related diseases that cannot be diagnosed medically. One of the most successful and best homeopathic treatments for pain is Arnica Montana. It is a meadow mountain flower that works wonders on muscular and general pain conditions. Hypericum is another great product in this field which is a boon to people with nerve related pains. There are many such widely prescribed medicines in Homeopathy that are far better than Paracetamols.

Herbal Remedies

Herbs are in existence from ancient periods and they have always been helpful in relieving pain in a natural way. There are herbalists who prescribe herbs that will enforce quick healing of the body. They are better compared to Paracetamols as they do not involve any side effects or chemical contents. Capsaicin is one of the best herbal ingredients that is found in chilli peppers and gives quick relief for nerve, joint and muscular pains.

Curcumin is another great product found in turmeric that reduces inflammation and pain Bromelain, Chamomile and Scutellaria are some of the other highly used herbs for pain relief purposes.

Essential Oils

A drop of peppermint essential oil is said to magically cure headaches just like a Paracetamol. This was brought up by a German research.


Lifestyle plays a key role in keeping pain away from your body. An unhealthy lifestyle will always feel happy to contribute to the pain you already suffer from. Toxins are the worst thing that you can build up in your body. They are one of the prime reasons for everyday body pains.

Pain and inflammation is most of the times caused due to food that generate toxins in your body and acidic foods are the worst in this case. Alkaline foods must be consumed to cure such pains. Start following a healthy lifestyle from today.

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