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Best Homeopathy appsBest Homeopathy apps

Homeopathy is considered to be one of the most contemporary medicines having its origin since ancient times. It was founded by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 based on the concept that a substance which causes the symptoms in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.

Many people believe that homeopathy can give a permanent cure for all the deadly diseases which remains untreated by allopathic medicines. Keeping this demand in mind, developers have devised new Android apps which give tips and advice on which homeopathy medicines to use. Mentioned below are some of the useful Android apps for homeopathy medicine believers.

Homeopathy Clinical Tips Lite

Homeopathy Clinical Tips Lite is perhaps the first android app released for suggesting users with some of the best homeopathy tips. The app provides a comprehensive guide for all types of homeopathy solutions which were experienced by Physicians and homeopathy practitioners from their years of experience.

Using this app, the user can easily search for more than 500 homeopathy tips and add the tips in their favorite for quick reference. All the tips mentioned in this app are either from the practical experience of the practitioners or taken from the literature. This app can be useful for the beginners who are new to homeopathy medicine or someone who are looking for quick solution of their diseases or ailments.

Download Homeopathy Clinical Tips Lite on your Android device via Google Play.

Homeopathy App

Homeopathy – Quick Reference is another free app presented for the android users. The app is specially built for those who are looking for a quick reference for the medicines or compounds which they have actually received from a homeopathy practitioner.

The app provides all the information about a particular compound in a very precise manner. When a search is conducted for the particular compound, the app will show the pseudo name of the compound, symptoms for which it can be used, background of the compound and how it must be used.

Download Homeopathy app via Google Play

Materia Medica Lite

Materia Medica Lite is another app designed specifically for those who are looking for quick reference of their homeopathy medicine. Best part about this app is that it can be accessed offline without any internet connection. In this app, the users can look for homeopathy remedies online either by the name or by the remedies.

The remedies can be searched with the help of keywords. The app has some of the facts about homeopathy medicines and notes and lectures from many famous personalities. The users also get a chance to go through the video lectures. The free version is available for download from Google Play Store, while the  free paid version is available at a cost.

Download Materia Medica Lite from Google Play

The Android Apps for homeopathy medicines provide a great resource to those who are looking for some quick reference while on the move. While few of the apps are available at a cost, there are plenty of free apps also available. Best part about these homeopathy apps is that the users can access to the database while offline without connecting to the Internet.

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Also, most of the apps contain advises and tips mentioned by the experts, thus helpful for those who can’t receive proper medical advises due to various reasons.

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