Why are Smart Televisions Popular and which Brands to look out for?

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Smart TVs are the latest variants of televisions available and considering the functionalities a smart set brings to the table, it may be the next purchase on your list. In simple terms, a smart television is a TV that can connect to the Internet. Unlike basic TV sets that offer a limited range of channels and entertainment options, smart TVs allow you to stream movies, music, and videos by allowing you to plug into the media source of your choice online. Further, the latest smart TV models offer compatibility with Artificial Intelligence products like Google Assistant and Alexa and let you control your set by merely talking to it.

Similarly, smart TVs give you access to personal content stored on the cloud and make it possible for you to set and receive reminders about upcoming shows as well. These sets support a plethora of apps and thereby enable you to connect with other smart gadgets in your house. Yes, your new TV can be part of a larger smart ecosystem within your house! However, since a high-end LG smart TV, a Sony LED TV or a modern unit by a reputed brand can be expensive, looking for a way to make your purchase affordable becomes paramount. One way to do so is to shop for your favorite smart TV on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

Here, you can buy the best smart TV and pay for it via No Cost EMIs. No Cost EMI financing ensures that you pay for the item’s purchase price and nothing more in equal monthly installments to suit your pocket. All you need to do is use your EMI Network Card when transacting online or at a partner store offline. If you do not have a card, you can also opt for in-store financing. However, before you make this crucial choice of investing in smart television, take a look at what these top TV brands have to offer in terms of smart features.


LG is one of the most popular TV brands in India and manufacturers high-quality smart TVs loaded with excellent features. LG TVs range from the simple to the premium OLED variants. The high-end sets are powered by Alpha9 processors and the ThinQ AI. LG Smart TV’s run on the webOS, which offers an intuitive layout and facilitates ease of navigation.

For many, this interface is simply the best available as usability is an important criterion when it comes to smart TVs. Apart from the entire gamut of smart capabilities you get, LG TVs boast of features like multiple HDMI ports, in-built Wi-Fi adapters, in-built music players and a magic remote that facilitates voice-based communication.


Sony’s smart TVs run on an Android-based system, which puts users on familiar territory instantly. It gives you access to the Play Store, which is ideal as you can start using apps you’ve always enjoyed on your smartphone as soon as you get the TV. Apart from the familiar OS, Sony aids navigation by including a content bar that allows you to find content that you’d like to watch without necessarily pausing what you’re watching at present.

Compatibility with Google Assistant allows for ease of use as you can simply activate the assistant and ask or tell Google what you’d like to see. Further, depending on the set you buy you can switch to an Indian language and so, make your content even more personalized.


Samsung TVs sport the SMART HUB interface that acts as a gateway to a world of content, features, and apps. A hub is something that brings things together and Samsung’s SMART HUB does just that. It pools into one screen a variety of media options and makes them accessible in a grid-style icon-based format.

In terms of viewing your options at a glance, it’s easy to say that Samsung offers its users an accessible layout. So, you can scan for movies, browse the net, or connect with friends all with a few clicks. Further, newer Samsung TV’s come with voice assistant compatibility and premium sets even connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Other popular smart TV brands include Panasonic and Vu and Mi. While the basic quality of a smart TV remains the same, that it can connect to the internet, ease of navigation varies from one to the next. Ideally, when shopping for a TV with smart features you should investigate two aspects: The OS used and the processor power. Both these determine the ease with which you can access the content that you desire.

That said, parameters like display, size and connectivity options should at no cost be overlooked. A smart television, at the end of the day, must meet your needs. So, if gaming is essential to you then verify that your set has ports enough for multiple consoles, controllers a soundbar and so on.

Similarly, if you have a large family then size is also key, and you would want to get the largest TV you can get within your budget as well. However, since the OS offered by the brand determines your user experience from the start, you can consider picking a brand first and then fine-tuning your search for the ideal features and peripherals.

As you zero in on the right brand, check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. This offer gives you instant approval via a customized deal and access to financing of up to Rs.4 lakh. With ample financing at hand, you can get the smart television specifications you desire and needn’t compromise on any feature you see as essential. Further, you can repay the amount easily via No Cost EMIs over a flexible tenor ranging from 3 to 24 months.

So, use this guide as a starting point to identifying the best brand in the market for you, and bring home a new smart television on No Cost EMIs soon!

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