Shopify Vs Woocommerce: Which Is The Better Domain Name Generator

Shopify vs woocommerceShopify vs woocommerce

When it comes to picking a service that will help you set up an online store, typically there are two well-known e-commerce solutions that you may pick from. Woocommerce and Shopify are the two competitors offering e-commerce and associated solutions to businesses, from building an online store for your products to offering their domain names generator for creating a good domain name for your business.

Both competitors offer the best possible features. Picking one domain names generator can be an overwhelming task for you. So, to help you pick one out of the 2 domain names generators, all the pros and cons of each of the tools have been put together. Based on these pros and cons, you can make a decision as to which tool you want to go for.

Shopify- Pros And Cons

Shopify’s offers domain names generator tool that generates catchy domain names that are available.


  • Shopify offers holistic plans that cover all aspects of your business. From hosting to certificates of security, Shopify covers it all for you.
  • The all-inclusive e-commerce provider also serves as a good domain names generator.
  • When it comes to aesthetics, Shopify lives up to its name. It offers around 70 different themes to choose from, out of which ten of the themes are available free of cost. Moreover, all these themes have been modified to meet the needs of an e-commerce store. Shopify lets you filter and select templates based on different criteria such as the number of products you wish to sell, the layout that you prefer and also your marketing goals.
  • Shopify offers a very positive, user-friendly experience. The dashboard of the platform is very easy to work with and you can create your account on Shopify in a matter of minutes. You can customize the design of your store and manage all your products with Shopify.
  • Shopify offers a 24/7, quality customer support service. Any queries or complaints you may have, the customer service will address it immediately. Shopify’s customer service team is highly responsive, helpful and ensures that all your problems are resolved effectively.
  • Shopify allows you to connect to different marketplaces as well as social networks such as Amazon and Facebook. Shopify in this sense, allows you to sell your products directly through various other channels.
  • Shopify allows you to avail a 14-day trial period so that you can get a feel of the tool and make a decision accordingly. The different plans offered by Shopify start at a monthly cost of $29 and the other plans start at $79 and upwards. These plans are all inclusive of a blog and an e-commerce website, 24X7 customer support, and allow you to list unlimited products on your online store.


  • If you want to make huge customizations to your Shopify store, you need to learn their coding language. Only if you have the technical know-how, can you make the necessary changes to your Shopify store.

Pros And Cons Of WooCommerce

WooCommerce ranks high on customization.


  • WooCommerce makes for a good platform when it comes to customizability. It offers you the code using which you can make customizations to build your store according to your preferences.
  • WooCommerce comes with a variety of WordPress themes to choose from. As a result, with WordPress, you have endless options for themes that you can use for your online store.
  • Apart from this, WooCommerce boasts of a strong search engine optimization structure. With WordPress blogging infrastructure available at your disposal, it becomes easier for you to leverage search engine optimization. This can be very helpful in enhancing your Google search rankings to a great extent.


  • WooCommerce will only work with WordPress. As such, building your e-commerce store on WooCommerce can be quite complex. If you lack technical know-how, it can be very difficult to set up and manage your store. To start with, you will have to look for a reliable hosting provider. This tends to make the whole process a bit more time-consuming.
  • WooCommerce offers you with a variety of themes to choose from, through WordPress. However, for every theme offered by WordPress that you will select for your online store, you will have to upload it and then integrate it with WooCommerce. This too can take up a lot of your time.
  • WooCommerce lacks a good customer support system. The platform does not offer phone support to users. You will have to look for a solution to your problem in their online forum.

So those were some of the Shopify and Woocommerce pros and cons. I hope that will help you in generating a good domain name for your business.

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