Ways to tell your Instagram Stories: Lean on the Images

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Instagram gives you leeway to play a lot with your stories. Because, in addition to the text, it allows you to accompany your story with images. Welcome to the world of Visual Storytelling!

Yes, the images also count, although before it seemed to you that it played down their importance. It was not that, I just wanted you to understand that there should be a balance in your publications.

Your feed should not be just a pretty showcase. There has to be a strategy behind and show a coherence, both in the visual part, as in the textual one.

So, give the images that are going to accompany your story the weight they deserve. Do not look only for the most beautiful photo, but the one that best accompanies the message of your story.

Lately, I have become a fan of the “boomerang” world. And it is that it allows me to create just the perfect GIF for every occasion, according to what I want to tell. It is dynamic, alive and very fun. Also, in my case, it allows me to show my most carefree part, which perfectly matches my personal brand.

Find your own voice

Maybe you wonder what kind of stories you can tell, that draw the attention of your followers. Well, taking into account the previous points to build a good story, let’s see now what kind of stories you could tell:

Stories that support your branding

Tell us about the origins of your brand, what your development process is or has been, what your mission is, or present the team (if you have one). Talk also about the values of your brand, through the experiences you offer or your work philosophy.

Stories of your products or services

In this case, you can tell where the idea of that product or service was born. Or what are the results, that is, what transformation the client suffers, when he finishes working with you?

You can tell the experience of your clients, through their testimonies, or even tell the “making-off” (or how it was done).

Stories that generate a connection

If you have undertaken alone, or have a small team, you know how difficult it is to dedicate yourself to what you love most, for example. Therefore, if you address a largely enterprising audience, share your achievements, your successes and failures, your reflections of the day, will help your audience feel understood and know that you empathize with them because they will be reflected in your stories.

The same thing happens if you’re a mom and your audience is made up of mothers. Sharing that other type of stories, more personal and/or away from your activity, humanizes you and makes people feel closer to you.

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Here, you put the limits between what you want to share and what you do not. Do what makes you feel good and uses common sense!

Strategies to sell without selling on Instagram

As you progressed, the possibilities of telling stories on Instagram go a long way. So, let’s make a compilation:


You already know that each of your publications can incorporate an image. Make it draw attention that is the beginning of the story that you will later tell in the text. Or maybe it’s the end … It does not matter, as long as they add value and additional information to your story.

For example, in this picture, my story begins, in which I tell my routines, how I work and buy real Instagram followers to participate in my day today.

Did you think it had to be complicated? Nothing is further from reality!

But, in addition, Instagram gives you the ability to upload up to 10 images per publication so you can reflect your story and its different moments. Or, as I did in this one, in which I introduced the context within what I would later explain…

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