The Biggest Mistakes New Vapers Make


Vaping has been touted as a safer option to enjoy a nicotine dose while keeping away from the harm that comes with the burning of tobacco in smoking. Additionally, it does not leave the users’ clothes and body with odour as is the case with smoking, and vapers can do their thing at some places where normal smoking is prohibited. With all of these advantages of vaping over smoking, more and more smokers are switching to vaping and those who were not smoking are opting to vape for pleasure or whatever other reason. However, you should not start vaping if you can help it since it is not harmless. In the short term, you could suffer headaches, dry mouth, and dizziness. The long-term effects of vaping are still not clear and are being studied.

So, what are some of the biggest mistakes that new vapers make?

Having no Backup or running out of Supplies

If you are a smoker and you realize that your supply of cigarettes has run out, you will not panic. Why? Well, you can easily find a convenience store around the corner and get a pack, or you could remember a crumpled up pack in your car’s glove box, or even ask a stranger if they can give (or sell) you a stick. There seems to always be a way out. But this is not the case with vaping. Shops for vaping supplies are far apart and not as common in some places, so it could take you several hours to find one.

The device is battery-powered, so if it drains power and you have no backup battery or a place you can recharge it, you will have a problem. You may resort to getting a pack of cigarettes, and if you were quitting smoking by vaping, you can easily slip back into the habit. If you are lucky enough to have a vaper friend with you, you could puff a bit on their device, which is not a good idea.

To avoid all of these troubles, vapers must always have a backup pack, which will contain either an extra device or the necessary supplies for their device. The best thing is that they can get the best and quality supplies from reputable sellers such as ePuffer to always have a backup.

Blowing Clouds in other’s Faces

While vaping is more acceptable than smoking, new vapers, perhaps in the excitement of the whole thing, sometimes fail to respect other people’s personal space and blow clouds in their faces. This is a very offensive thing. Whether it is smoking, chewing your gum, or enjoying anything else, avoiding getting into people’s personal space is good manners.

Along the same line, it is not even debatable whether indicated or not, there are places that a vaper should not even take out their vaping devices even if they are small and discreet. It is a big NO to even think about vaping in places like hospitals, schools, boardrooms, and during events such as funerals, weddings, kids’ birthdays, and others. To avoid this misdemeanor, always vape in permitted places, open areas, or well-ventilated places and where no one has an issue with it.

Not observing Safety Measures

While vaping is safer than smoking, it could also turn messy if done without observing the safety measures. Vaping is strictly for adults, so vapers must keep their vaping stuff away from children. Vaping devices, mods, e-liquid bottles, and even drops of the vaping juice should not be left where kids or animals can access them as they can ingest them with dire consequences. It is also necessary to observe safety when charging and carrying the batteries to avoid possible explosions.

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Most people can agree that vaping is safer than smoking. However, vapers, especially new ones who have yet to learn all of its rules, must keep to their space by doing it only where it is allowed and not interfering with others. They need also to have backup supplies and ensure that they observe all safety measures.

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