6 Best eBook Marketing Tips for You

ebook marketing tipsebook marketing tips

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With evolving technology, marketers are coming up with new promotional and marketing strategies. After all, it is crucial to cope with the changing trends to maintain a stable position in the market. Therefore, companies are trying their luck with eBooks to draw audience attention. It helps in promoting in-depth knowledge of the content, covering topics that are in the interests of audiences.

eBook Marketing Tips

Do you think there is any point in creating an eBook if people don’t know about it? Thus, it is equally essential to market your eBook and let the world know you have come up with something great. Besides, if you don’t know how to go about it, here are some eBook marketing tips for you.

1.   Break the News Through Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest marketing platforms in today’s world. Billions of people are using it every second, giving you access to a large number of audiences. So, begin by spreading the message amongst your followers to create some hype before the launch. Build up the curiosity levels by giving social teasers about the eBook. You can make small revelations or write some quotes to give an idea about the main topic of the eBook.

Social media platforms

At the same time, you have to be very creative with your teasers; you have to shove it in pictures or videos. Generally, visual content is more powerful than anything. You can continue this practice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Interested people would start asking questions about the launch, price, topic, etc. Thus, you would have a rough idea about your potential buyers.

At the time of launching, consider creating an infographic with a brief overview of the content, and publish it along with the downloadable link. Besides, keeping your eBook on the website, you can also get it here on other social forums. People would find it feasible to access it from anywhere after signing in.

2.   Promotional Coupons & Discounts

All the discounts, vouchers, and giveaways get people talking about your brand. So, how about you give away your eBook free as an introductory offer. Usually, businesses are skeptical about this idea since it is not helping them make money. Well, this ‘introductory offer’ is not for everyone, only for the first ’20 or 50 customers’. This promotional offer would spread your message all over the internet because everyone likes free stuff.

Moreover, you can create limited-time discount offers on the price of an eBook. The timer would start when people open the landing page and would end within 24 hours or any time you specify. It is an offer for the interested buyers since they won’t waste a minute in grabbing an eBook at a discounted price. Also, you can always send reminders to give them a heads up about expiring special offers.

3.   Video Marketing

Everyone likes watching videos since people find them entertaining and informative. So, how about you also create a video about your eBook? You can talk about what the eBook holds for the readers. You can even begin by asking a question and then telling people how your eBook provides an answer and solution to it.

Remember, you don’t have to sound promotional; instead, adopt a very engaging tone to develop an understanding with the audience. Make it short, not longer than a minute to keep the people hooked. Well, to do something unique, don’t mind leaving a cliff hanger, so people keep thinking about it.

For instance – if you are talking about Growth Tools in 2020, then end the video with ‘let’s grow businesses for free’. All those people wondering about how have to purchase your eBook to get the answers since it talks about free growth tools. Besides, 51% of the marketers claim that videos generate the maximum return, so it is worth giving a try.

4.   Create a Landing Page

Believe it or not, but all your marketing practices are going into vain if your landing page is taking forever to load. After all, the loading speed of page matters a lot, flooding it with loads of pictures and videos would have a negative impact. Therefore, keep your landing page captivating yet simple, with easy to understand navigation tools.

The main aim of your promotions is to drive traffic to your landing page. Once people are there, the design and appeal of the page would help people make the right decision. Thus, alongside an intriguing topic, you need to put some effort into the design. Use appealing fonts with a blend of colors and a couple of pictures. Alongside enhancing the ‘buy now’ button, don’t forget to enable all the sharing buttons, in case someone wants to send it to their friends.

5.   Email Marketing

Emails are a formal medium of communication, a remarkable way for brands to reach out to the customers. Companies are already sending promotional emails, and telling people about eBooks through emails isn’t a bad idea at all. You can send out newsletters regarding the launch of eBooks to create some hype in the market.

Start sending newsletters prior one month to the launch and open yourself to pre-orders. You don’t have to give out all information in one newsletter, rather take things, step by step. Moreover, you can also get in touch with influencers to convey your message about the launch of the eBook.

6.   Use Customer Feedback & Reviews

Here is a little marketing tip after the launch. Every company wants to make the most out of their latest innovation. So, even after the launch, you can continue promoting your eBook to the audience through customer reviews and feedbacks. All those customers who have bought the eBook would have something to say about it. Therefore, consider sharing these reviews with your followers.

These days, people believe other’s word of mouth and reviews have a huge role to play in a purchase decision. After all, a satisfied reader is nothing less than a treasure, helping you sell your eBook easily. Alongside convincing people that your eBook is worth buying, it would also enhance your brand image amongst the followers.

Wrap Up

Sometimes, businesses put a lot of effort into creating an exceptional eBook, but it fails to produce the desired results. Well, this happens because you don’t pay attention to marketing your eBooks. People will only buy an eBook if they know about it. So, look above to see how you can market your eBook and generate the best results out of your hard work.

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