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best Project Management toolsbest Project Management tools

Check out 10 Best Best Free Projection Management Tools that you can use to improve productivity.

Project management is an important task which any executive depend on. It constitutes the first step to start any tasks. Project management states the process of how the projects are planned, defined, monitored and controlled. A project management software is designed to meet all the tasks which are related to any project.

Best Free Projection Management Tools

A good project management tool should be able to provide the user with all the aids required for documentation, collaboration, communication, management, costs control and allocation of resources.

Mentioned below are few project management tools which can play a crucial role in achieving organization’s goals.

1. OpenProj

OpenProj is an open source project management tool, which means users can upload as well as download the tools. It is available for free and is a substitute for Microsoft Project. The tool runs on Java platform, hence, it is functional in all the operating systems, Linux, Mac or Windows. OpenProj is the replacement of Microsoft Project. However, ProjectLibre is the new replacement of OpenProj.

OpenProj is a popular project management tool which is being evident by the fact that the tool has been downloaded over 4 million times in more than 140 countries.

OpenProj has similar user interface compared to Microsoft Project. Gantt charts, RBS and WBS charts, network diagrams, etc. can easily be made using OpenProj.

2. GanttProject

GanttProject is a free project management tool which is based in Java and can be run in any of the operating systems like Linus, Mac or Windows. Although its interface is simple and easy to understand, it is different from other types of project management tools as it is based on KISS principle. KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid” and the principle states that most systems work best when it is kept simple rather than making it complex.

With the help of this cross-platformm desktop tool, the users can create Gantt chart which can be used for creating work breakdown structure, draw dependencies and define milestones.

PERT chart can also be prepared in this project management tool which can further be used to analyze and represent the task which can be used for completing a given project. The Resource Load chart can be used to assign human resources to work on tasks and see their allocation.

The charts prepared can be saved as PNG images or in PDF and HTML reports as well as import projects to MS Project formats. The charts prepared in GanttProject can also be shared directly with office colleagues using WebDAV.

3. DotProject

DotProject is a open source free project management tool which is managed by volunteers across the globe. Apart from being free to download, DotProject is a multilingual and multi user project management application.

DotProject which is mainly supported by volunteers is a very good replacement of Microsoft Project and has some of the great features which make it one of the favorite downloads for those who look for project management tools.

While the user forums mainly maintained by volunteers is one of the most useful features of DotProject, the file repository and the project listings they have in multiple languages makes it one of the most demanding project management tools.

4. TaskJuggler

TaskJuggler is a free and open source project management tool. This is a flexible project management software which is much more superior to the ones which use Gantt chart tools.

The tasks which is covered by this project management covers everything which includes scope, assignment, cost and revenue planning as well as risk and communication management.

The scheduler of TaskJuggler can directly compute the project timelines and resource assignment by reading the project outline and constraints that have been provided. Other exciting features of this tool includes built-in resource planner and consistency checker which rings the alarm if the project gets out of hand.

TaskJuggler is specially being designed for serious project managers who give preference to content built rather than Gantt charts.

5. PHProjekt

PHProjekt is open source project management software. It is an online tool and the users are may download and upload the projects. PHProjekt is the web application which is written in PHP and available in multiple languages.

There are various add-on packages available with the software including its synchronization with MS Outlook. The modules of PHProjekt consist of calendar, contacts, chat, Notes, helpdesk, mail, survey system, bookmark and tasks.

6. ConsultComm

Consultant Communicator also known as ConsultComm is a java program which is platform independent and allows the managers to manage multiple projects. This project development tool has multiple features which make it one of the best tools available online to manage projects.

ConsultComm is the Java program for time tracking which can easily be integrated into the existing time management or billing system. The tool can run in any operating systems irrespective of Windows, Linux and Solaris workstations.

Just like most of the popular project management tools, ConsultComm is also an open source tool which means that the users can upload and download the project tools. Interestingly, ConsultComm can easily be customized to fit the user’s requirements.

7.  ProjectPier

ProjectPier is also an open source PHP based free project management tool which can play a crucial role to manage tasks quite efficiently.

The functionality of ProjectPier is same like any other project management tools; however, its easy web interface helps in easily organizing the projects online and help to share the same with the colleagues.

The feature of self hosting helps the users to manage the projects quite efficiently. ProjectPier is a free tool which uses PHP, Java and requires a MySQL database which work in the backend.

8. OpenGoo

OpenGoo or Feng Office Community Edition is a free, multilingual and open source project management and collaboration tool which can be used to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Feng Office Community Edition is an online suite which has host of other functionalities similar to Google Apps, MS Office Live, Zimbra and Zoho. Some of the key features of this project management tool includes efficient task management, time tracking, access management, project tracking and communicate with vendors, clients and co-workers.

Feng Office is a collaborative software and does the project management, time management, time tracking, email and contact management quite efficiently.

Apart from using Java, OpenGoo also uses PHP and MySQL technologies to build their open source content.

9. Collabtive

Collabtive is a free open source multilingual project management tool which can be used for multiple activities like preparation of to-do tasks, manage files, track projects online, instant messaging, reporting, and time tracking.

It is a complete office project management tool which can be used to manage project files and tasks as well as send messages to the colleagues who are working on the same project using the instant messenger.

Like any popular project management tool, it also supports multiple operating systems and available for free of cost.

10. Redmine

Redmine is an excellent project management tool. It is a web-based tool which is available for free and an open source tool. Redmine supports multiple projects and provides visual aid by providing Gantt charts and calendar.

Documents and files management can be done quite effectively using this project management software and they are also aided with time tracking which can play a crucial role when it comes to meet the deadlines of a typical official project.

It also supports multiple languages and multiple databases.

With the host of project management tools mentioned above, the reader would now be able to take a decision to download the best software to manage the projects effectively.

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