Top 9 Reasons Why Windows Phone Is Better Than iOS

Do you still have any doubts concerning which operating system would be perfect for your mobile phone? As we all know, iOS and Android still remain two most popular and powerful ones, though Windows Phone can boast with some strong features as well. Businessinsider decided to compare iOS and iPhone in particular with Windows Phone, and they found 9 reasons why a user should pay attention to Windows and forget about Apple mobile devices.iOS vs Windows Phone comparisoniOS vs Windows Phone comparison

iOS vs Windows Phone

The interesting fact is that they didn’t even try to compare the mobile operating system from Microsoft with Android OS. But this is a different story already.

So, we recommend you to check the list given below and decide whether Windows Phone is worth your attention or not. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to forget about your iPhone and choose other mobile device instead if it?

Let’s check

It’s unfair to compare two mobile OS, but we have done it for your sake. Lets 9 reasons why Windows Phone mobile OS is better than iOS –

  1. Windows Phone 8 supports screens with a diagonal of 4.5 inches (1280×720 pixels) and more, while earlier iPhone models were limited to 4 inches (1136 x 640 pixels).
  2. There is MS Office on Windows Phone 8 while iOS has iWork maximum.
  3. With Windows Phone, you can customize your home screen whenever you like. Moreover, you can  always change the size of icons on your home screen. As we know, iOS doesn’t give you such an opportunity.
  4. With Windows Phone, you can see alerts in real time on the home screen directly, while iPhone can display the number of such notifications only.
  5. Windows Phones can be recharged using a standard micro USB-cable. A charge for iPhone is much harder to find.
  6. Windows Phone has a mobile wallet that allows you to make payments with your phone.
  7. Windows Phone supports a near field communication (NFC), which allows you to share content simply leaning two devices to each other.
  8. Several Windows Phone smartphones have a wireless charging.
  9. Windows Phone can be switched to a child mode that will automatically block access to specific applications and options.

Do you find these 9 reasons good enough to consider Windows Phone better than iPhone actually? If you are an Apple fan, you will certainly find many reasons why your iPhone is still the best mobile phone ever. Don’t hesitate sharing your opinion with us! Comments are always welcome!

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